ukfahionintern.com Launches with All Things Fashion Internships

One of the hottest and most honest fashion industry internship/work-experience related Twitter accounts @ukfashionintern has just launched a website.

ukfashionintern.com aims to be the top site for fashion interns, where aspiring interns can read about the experiences of other interns, learn how to improve their chances of getting a placement, enter fashion competitions and possibly find their first job.

ukfashionintern twitter

@ukfashionintern has been on Twitter since August 2011 and in the 15 months of its existence, it has just under 7000 followers. It’s a well supported Twitter handle by various fashion intern employers locally and nationally. You can see more analysis of @ukfashionintern and its activity here.

ukfashionintern.com currently brings articles from recent fashion interns under the section ‘Interns Say‘, whilst also having a sort of job-board for fashion students under ‘Opportunities‘.

ukfashionintern.com has one of the most socially responsible ways of advertising opportunities. It goes on to say: “Only graduate jobs, paid internships and unpaid internships lasting less than four weeks and advertised to suitable students are featured on the site. What do we mean by suitable interns? Those seeking an internship for a higher education programme and those on the following European Union programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Youth in Action, Erasmus, Comenius.”

At the moment, it is completely free to advertise your vacancies.

The founder of ukfashionintern.com is Ms Sharon Williams. Sharon is a teaching fellow, fashion and textile design at University of Southampton.

I am told that Sharon has a lot more activities planned for the full-fledged launch of the website. As she replied in an email “I am introducing it slowly and building the content until it is more of a solid product that interns and employers can see the full potential of. At the moment, those making use of the site are the strong supporters of the Twitter feed. I can’t wait for the site to start looking strong so that I can promote it to  all UK universities and colleges. I also have a couple of exciting promotional activities up my sleeve that are good fun and will benefit some lucky interns.”

Visit ukfashionintern.com and do let us know what you think of it.