How To Use Trello To Manage Your Job Search

Written by Faizan Patankar

Nobody is as busy as a job seeker. Hundreds of opportunities require you to effectively manage your job search. Job search management in itself, actually hasn’t improved for a long time.

I came across a good use case of Trello to manage your job search.

When Jesse Lamb, former Project Manager at Meetup, set out for a new opportunity, he decided to use Trello to mange his job search.

Trello is a web-based project management application. You can set up boards, for example, To-do, Doing, Done board and add tasks under each. Trello allows you to add comments to each tasks and record that activity. It also allows you to label various tasks (cards) and is visually a great tool to manage projects.

Job search in some aspects is a class of project. And you are the project manager. You need to manage your job search and Trello can be adopted to help you in your job search.

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Your job search Trello board can consist of:

  • Prep
  • Interesting positions
  • Wish list companies
  • Current opportunities
  • Cold opportunities

The above lists were used by Jesse to manage his job search.

For the prep category, Jesse adds “Prep contains things I need to do to get ready for job hunting, like updating LinkedIn and my resume, and people to catch up with,” Jesse explains. This is a great way to give yourself a nudge in the right direction. You will want to put your best digital face forward to prospective employers, and staying organized behind the scenes is an easy way to build upon small victories.

Manage your job search listings

After prep, you need to manage some job listings. This is neatly done in Trello.

Luckily Jesse also had a nice fix for this. First make a card for each job listing, with the title being the company name and available position. Next, move the cards into easily distinguishable lists titled “Interesting Positions,” “Wish List Companies,” “Current Opportunities,” and “Cold Opportunities.” This workflow provides a seamless way to move job posts from list to list as the process becomes more in depth.

Using Trello to manage your job search

Using Jobbuddy To Manage Your Job Search

At Jobbuddy, we want to make it easier to manage your job search. Jobbuddy lets you track jobs you want and simplify your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. You can now take your job search anywhere.

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Jobbuddy.co let’s you

  • Save jobs in a dashboard with deadline, salary and job description
  • Be notified when the job application deadline approaches
  • You can save your documents (e.g. Cover letter, Resume, certificate, etc) securely
  • Save competency Q&As in Jobbuddy. Login and re-use the answers in various applications
  • Manage career contacts in once place
  • Add tasks to each job and be reminded on the task deadline

All of these features available to you with a free account on Jobbuddy.co

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Image Credit: Lauren Wood, Trello

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