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Top Medical Jobs You’ve Never Thought of

When joining the medical industry you tend to think of two main job roles; a doctor or a surgeon. However the following list is a few jobs you probably never though of.

Space Psychologist

Space probably isn’t the first location you think of when you’re thinking about where you’d like to work, but a space psychologist is an extremely important job. Your main job is advising which astronauts are the best fit for a mission or to be in a certain team. Another part of your job role is providing counseling for the crew during missions and also before & after.

Medical Filmmakers and Illustrators

Medical filmmakers are crucial for the next generation of doctor or surgeon as their job is to document important procedures so that people can learn the correct way to carry it out.  This job doesn’t just involve filming procedures; you’ll also have to illustrate some areas of the human body so that it can be taught during medical school or even in your average biology class. It is also worth noting that this job role is usually freelance.

Hospital Cleaning Crew

Maybe not the most highly thought of medical profession but is necessary in every hospital. Hospitals needed to be super clean so that patients don’t catch any illnesses or infect any open wounds. The advantage of this role is that there is less time spent in education for this role so you can start almost immediately. Your main job roles will include moping up any mess, changing patients sheets and general upkeep of the hospital.


When partaking in medical training, most people are aiming to be a Doctor or a Surgeon. However, they should think about being a nurse. A nurse is a flexible role, one day you could be in accident & emergency, the next you could be helping with a surgery. Nursing also involves a shorter education, which is great for the most eager medical students, as you get to start work sooner. To learn more about what you need to be a nurse, check out this infographic from Day Webster.

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