Top 6 Careers for Accounting Majors

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Accounting is one of those educational fields, in which there will always be a need for that profession. As long as money is around, then there will be people who need help managing that money and therefore there will also be people that have expertise in financial management. Thus, the job of accountant.

Being an accountant takes a special person. A person who is good with numbers, highly organized, calculating and has an ability to keep their attention focused on the most minute of details. Most people do not have these skills, and thus most people are not very good accountants. The other good news about the field of accounting is that there is a variety of career opportunities that come with having a degree in Accounting, some of which pay more than others, and also some of which are growing at a much larger rate (and therefore much higher in demand) than other accounting-related professions.

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●    Auditor– auditing is one of the faster growing fields in accounting, and is very high in demand right now. Auditing is one of the entry-level positions that most accounting majors will find themselves in, especially if they are working towards a Certified Public Accounting certificate at a public accounting firm.

●    Financial Reporter– This job is reserved for people who are working at a corporate accounting office, or some other kind of privately-owned endeavor. The major responsibility that comes with this job is to present financial analysis to your employer.

●    Management Reporter– This job is somewhat similar to the financial reporter position, except that it deals primarily with senior management entities at publicly-owned companies or larger-sized public corporations.

●    Tax Accountant– Nobody like the tax accountant, at least according to the billions of jokes that they are the butt of, but someone has to do it. Everyone likes to hate on the tax accountant, except when the tax season comes, and your tax accountant ends up saving you hundreds of dollars on your tax return. Then, and only then, will you truly appreciate the hard work that these individuals put in day in and day out.

●    Financial PlannerFinancial planning is one of the fastest growing and newest sectors of the accounting industry. The end goal of the financial planner is to help their clients make investments (both short-term and long-term,) which will keep the profits up well into the future. This is also one of the most competitive sectors of the accounting industry, so it takes a lot of hard work to get to this point, but once you make it- the salary itself will typically pay off all that hard work.

●    Government Accountant– Most accounting jobs are for either large or small businesses, but in this case it is technically for neither. In this case, public duty is the focus of the accountant’s trade, and the comfort level of security and benefits are all reasons why accountants pursue a job as a government accountant.


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