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Top 8 Computing Skills That Will Help You Get Hired

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The knowledge and ability that comes along with computing skills can allow you to establish yourself in the field of technology in no time. This is why we have put together a few computer skills that you should be aware of if you are just starting out with your career!

1. Graphics

Graphic design skills (which include communication and creativity) are sure to offer you the needed edge in today’s job market. If you have a creative mindset, graphic design jobs can be an appropriate choice for you. These are considered stimulating, fun and potentially lucrative.

2. Database Management

Database management skills will instill in you the ability to collect and manage a database and maintaining it in accordance with the key nature of the business. You will be mostly hired by companies that offering technical jobs focused on keeping the database running smoothly.

3. Social Media

Honing social media skills involves monitoring, managing and updating social media accounts (and sometimes websites). To land a job based on this skill, you must be up-to-date on all social media trends and be able to keep tabs on applicable local communities.

4. Enterprise Systems

This includes handling of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) that are highly-vital business management software for companies. Through this, you can become eligible to apply for jobs associated with the deployment of ERPs.

5. Spreadsheets

Candidates who hold spreadsheet skills are expected to be proficient in organizing, calculating, graph plotting and analyzing data. There are several careers that require the knowledge of spreadsheet programs, as it a critical resource foundation for every business.

6. Web Development

Web development skills will require you to understand the global customers and hone in on their online behaviors. The web development industry is highly-popular and can give you the chance to interact with different audiences, explore profitable markets and gain clients throughout your career.

7. Coding

A career based on coding skills will mostly require you to focus on its applications involving programming languages. Learning to code efficiently will offer you myriad career opportunities, with the added benefits to creating your own schedule or working from anywhere.

8. Data Security

Becoming an expert at securing the network is considered to be an advanced computational skill that can put you under the spotlight for companies looking to protect themselves from internet breaches and attacks. Business enterprises, no matter the size, take their network security on a top priority, which makes it easier to land a job with this skill under the belt.
Wondering how you too can acquire all these skills? There are plenty of online resources to take advantage of. If you are interested, take some time to learn about BSc computing course learning outcomes.

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