Top 5 Reasons to Be Your Boss

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The decision to become your own boss is a big step and may seem a little scary to those who have only ever been someone else’s employee. However, individuals who are brave enough to make such a life-changing move can reap the many rewards available. From having complete independence to a real sense of freedom, the benefits can not only progress your career, but also improve your life outside of work.

Take a look at the top 5 reasons why being your own boss is well worth the risk:


1) Flexibility and Freedom

As your own boss, you have complete control over when you work. Whether you want the afternoon off, prefer to work in the evenings or need a Tuesday to Saturday week, you no longer have to fit in with someone else’s schedule. While successful entrepreneurs and contractors have to dedicate many hours to their flourishing career, you can do so at a time convenient for you.

2) A Profitable Move

If you become a huge success, you are guaranteed to receive a large share of the rewards.  Taking on more contracts and clients is sure to financially benefit you, whereas you are unlikely to receive a cash reward for working hard and helping to generate large profits as someone else’s employee.

3) The Final Say

As your own boss, you can decide exactly which clients, contracts and partners to work with. However, you may not want to be too fussy about which clients to take on at the start, as you don’t want to jeopardise your chance to generate revenue and profit, or forfeit any opportunity to establish a strong reputation and customer base. You can also enjoy creative control, and have the final say on any decisions made.

4) Follow Your Passion

You have the ability to forge a career path based on your interests, working in an industry that you are most passionate about. Through this, you can achieve a higher level of job satisfaction, as you spend your time concentrating on work you find truly enjoyable and are enthusiastic about.

5) Pride and Purpose

Should you take the risk and become your own boss, you can enjoy a real sense of satisfaction when things go right. Rather than putting all your hard graft into developing someone else’s business, all your work has a real sense of purpose as it goes towards improving your very own profits and reputation.

When you work independently, it is likely that you won’t want to spend time on the admin and payroll tasks. To combat this problem, many freelancers and contractors choose to leave the admin tasks to umbrella companies. Through letting the specialists look after financial and admin tasks, this allows you to concentrate on what you do best, giving you even more of an opportunity to maximise your working potential and profits.

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