Top 10 Sales and Marketing Jobs for 2018

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Sales and marketing jobs are different tracks, but they go well together especially in mid-size companies. Because of their significance, a plethora of sales and marketing jobs became available in different fields.

If you’re a student or someone who’s interested in sales and marketing, then check out the list below for the top 10 sales and marketing jobs this coming 2018.

# 1 Account Executive

Average Salary: $54,741.00

An account executive is responsible for handling bigger contracts that usually start at 50 million. He’s also responsible for creating value for the company, making it more beneficial to the customer.

#2 Account Manager

Average Salary: $51,527.00

An account manager handles relationships with clients. He makes sure that every client is fully satisfied with the services of the company. Account managers also assist account executives in handling client relationship.

# 3 Business Developer

Average salary: $59,876.00

A business developer is responsible for the identification of opportunities that will benefit the senior management level of the company. He collaborates with all divisions inside the company and makes sure that the opportunities are developed.

#4 Content Manager

Average Salary: $55,024.00

A content manager produces the content that will be presented on the company’s website. He’s also tasked with updating old content in order to match the latest trends in the business.

#5 Marketing Coordinator

Average Salary: $41,521.00

A marketing coordinator is responsible for reporting to the marketing manager about the marketing activities that were planned and implemented. He also provides assistance to teams with marketing tasks, particularly those that need to be finished within the day.

#6 Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $62,635.00

A marketing manager is given the task of promoting the company’s products or services. He’s also responsible for keeping several product lines updated, making sure that they reflect the hottest trends in the market.  

#7 Product Manager

Average Salary: $70,000.00

A product manager is responsible for analyzing and planning the perfect way to present a particular product or service to the market. He’s also expected to relay the strategy and roadmap to the marketing team.

#8 Sales Manager

Average Salary: $54,372.00

A sales manager guides the marketing team of the company. His tasks revolve around setting goals for the day, analyzing data, and mentoring the team.

#9 Sales Representative

Average Salary: $47,996.00

A sales representative is given the responsibility of selling products and goods to customers. He’s also the one who conducts outside sales, which pertain to visiting new or existing clients in the field.

#10 SEO Specialist

Average Salary: $42,862.00

An SEO specialist is responsible for analyzing and implementing SEO techniques that increase the traffic to the company’s website. It’s an in-demand job because companies have realized the importance of establishing a strong presence in the World Wide Web.

Technological development influenced the rise of job opportunities within the sales and marketing fields. While not necessarily new, SEO specialist and content manager positions are among those that have emerged due to progress in the online world.

It’s only to be expected that, in the coming years, more technology-driven positions will have to be created and filled.

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