5 Tools To Improve Your Graduate Job Search

tools to improve job search
Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

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Graduate job hunting is time consuming. As a graduate, one of the most time-consuming activities of the whole graduate job search and application process is filling in those applications and gathering knowledge to answer the questions. Once the graduate application is submitted and you get a call for a phone interview or psychometric tests, then that’s even more hassle.

Career Geek, help me in my graduate job search!

Admitted, we cannot give you nice grilled steaks or a delicious Caesar Salad, but we can give you these 5 tips below to help you organise your job search and manage your applications well by introducing you to some of the best online resources for graduates.

1. Wikijob

Wiki-what? Yes, there is something called Wikijob. One of the best resources to find out about top companies, graduate schemes, how to answer questions on graduate job applications, from those who have been successful in interviews with the company in question in the past. This is a very active community of graduates offering amazing insight into any top company’s graduate scheme and interview process.

2. Huntsy

Stop cluttering your computer desktop with all those Word documents with answers to different questions and…wait, what? You don’t have a CV online? Huntsy is an online app which organises your job search, we reviewed it and found it useful. Now we can’t help but encourage you to use it. It organises your job search and everything around it. So now, you don’t have to stress over being at university and not having access to your job application files you’ve spent days polishing, hours before the deadline. Nope, with Huntsy, you log-in and manage your graduate job applications from any computer you like.

3. Kent Careers Resources

I did not study at Kent. And I have gone through many universities’ careers resources. Most of them are good. But I wanted something better… 3 years ago I came across University of Kent Careers Resources. One word: Amazing. The resources are available on a simple website and the best feature of it all is the job – competencies feature. Must try if you are in a job search. I am sure every university offers a good resource, but Kent is a level above.

4. Career Geek Resources

We don’t like boasting about ourselves, but we are different to other careers blogs. We are independent, we are aimed at students and graduates and we bring you graduate job application tips the way they are being used RIGHT NOW! Here are a few links which will explain to you in more detail about how and what I did to get a job and best practices about how to complete a graduate job application.

a. Graduate Job Application Guide 

b. What Employability Skills Do Employers Want – AGCAS / HECSU Report

5. Linkedin

I know you are thinking: “uh… what?” Students and graduates, if you are in a graduate job search, you need to be on LinkedIn. It offers you a professional platform to showcase yourself. Think about it, I found a job through LinkedIn. Additionally, you cannot discount recruiting agents who are using LinkedIn more and more. Why not have a read of our guide to getting started on LinkedIn as a graduate and take yourself a level up!


Top 5 tips in your Graduate Job Search

These are my top 5 tips every student or graduate must take note of in his or her graduate job search. Remember, the interview is only one fifth of the effort, it’s the path you choose and the strategy you apply in your job search that plays the biggest role in taking you to the interviewer’s office.

If you like those tips, please share them amongst others, we do our bit to help others and hope a lot more students and graduates benefit from it.

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