6 Tips For Concluding Your Summer Internship Successfully

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Written by Richard White

If you are a college student working as an intern, you must be aware of the significance of the month of August. The month marks the starting of the end of the internship, as the time to return to the campus approaches. Your internship can help you a lot in landing a good job in a leading company. So, it makes sense why you should work hard to end this important period on a high note.

Here are some tips for completing your summer internship or employment efficiently.

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1. Start from Scratch

Yes, to conclude your internship successfully, you need to go back to the beginning. Why were you recruited? Take a close look at your original job profile and check whether you have fulfilled all the tasks for which you were recruited. It is quite usual for a few objectives to be changed, but the major reason behind your recruitment remains the same generally. Remind yourself of the bigger picture and make sure you are on the right track during the last days at your workplace.

2. Assess your Talent

Once you’re focused on your job description, it is time for self-assessment,which is considered the best tool to recognize your strengths and utilize them, identify your weaknesses and work on them. Ask yourself the most important question, “Have I proved to be viable for the company?” Hiring a candidate is always a big investment for a company. Whether the investment pays off or not determines the true test of the recruit. So, how do you know if you were a gain or a loss for the organization? Examine your work and the impact on the whole. If your review says you require putting more efforts to make a more positive impact, get set to change the standpoint on the remaining days with a top-notch performance.

3. Establish Long-Term Relationships

What is the difference between long-term relationships and drive-by relationships? People with whom you have a drive-by relationship will call you up only when they need something, get that and then, drive away sporting a superficial gratitude  on their face. On the contrary, long-term relationships will definitely not do that. They will call you up regularly and ask you how are you doing. Focus on building long-term relationships. Listen to the requirements of others and keep them in mind so that you can use them in the future. If you get an opportunity to help your colleague, do not let it go. In case you need a favour in return, your colleague will return the act of courtesy. Always remember that small things have great potential to leave a positive long-lasting impression.

4. Network through LinkedIn

In contemporary times, the biggest platform for business networking is LinkedIn, so you must make use of it to your full advantage. But, before that you have to show perfection in your profile. Ensure that you have a professional profile written eloquently and devoid of any flaws. After working on your profile, the next step is to send your colleagues, supervisors and mentors LinkedIn invites. When you connect with them through LinkedIn, you can ask for recommendations, if suitable. You can prepare a sample recommendation and include it with your request. This makes sure you receive more responses, as you can revise a current recommendation, which is much easier than creating a new one.

5. Update your CV

To your potential employer, your first identity is your resume. And your resume should list your accomplishments written clearly and interestingly. Your job does not end with just writing the resume. You need to keep on updating it as you gain work experience and advanced qualifications. In no way should your resume miss out on your internship or summer work. If you are not sure about what to mention about your summer internship, you may take advice from your seniors and mentors. You may feel a bit awkward to get your resume reviewed by someone else. But isn’t it a better option to learn from someone who knows more? After all, the resume is the most important document you need for getting your dream job.

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6. Say “Thank you” and “Goodbye” Personally

You have come across so many people during your summer internship. When your internship period is coming to an end, you must meet everyone to express your gratitude and bid adieu to them personally. Do not limit yourself to the people you worked for. Value all the interactions and do your bit for a cheerful end. You never know where opportunities come from; they may come from places most unlikely.

A successful completion of your summer internship or job will ensure that your efforts for a brighter career ahead do not go in vain. These six steps may help you in your pursuit.

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