Tier 1 – Post Study Work (PSW) Visa

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PSW Visa

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Tier 1 – Post Study Work (PSW) Visa

Tier 1 Post Study Work (PSW) is an immigration status that allows international students to stay and work in the UK for up to two years after obtaining a degree from a UK institution. Please check with your university that they are able to provide the letter.

Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas are not eligible.

Students who have already been in the UK under Post Study Work for two years are not eligible for renewal under the same visa category.

PSW to Close in April 2012

The UK Government decided to close down the PSW visa route in 2011. The measure will be implemented as of April 2012. It means  international graduates will not be able to apply for a PSW visa after April 2012.

International students will still be able to look for work after graduating from a UK university, and the only way to work in the UK after graduating will be if  you are sponsored by a company. A list of companies that are licensed to sponsor international students for work can be found here. It will be under a different visa category.

What is The Process of PSW Application?

The PSW application process is not as daunting as it is made out to be. The form is around 50 odd pages, but only half of them need to be filled out, and all the information is available to you.

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As a quick checklist, these are the minimum documents that you need to provide to support your application:-

  • UK Qualification Degree Certificate (or Transicpt, or Letter from your University stating the award of qualification)
  • PSW Letter from the University, or degree awarding institution
  • Passport(s)/Travel documents
  • Passport size photos (2)
  • Bank statements/Bank Letter (no print-outs of online accounts) for maintenance fund proof for the past 90 days (at time of application)

You may have the need to attach or enclose more documents, as relevant to your case, from the application form sections.

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What Happens after Tier 1- PSW Visa closes

When the PSW scheme closes, there will be a new scheme under Tier 2. You will need to find a sponsor in the UK, obtain a graduate level job and earn a minimum of £20,000. You will have to do this before your student visa expires. This is similar to the Tier 2 (General) route.

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