Thinking of changing courses?

changing courses
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Ok, let me set the scene. You’ve started a degree and you are well into your first year. Every day you dread going in and you feel completely lost or uninspired. The thought keeps cropping up that you should change course but at the moment you’re employing the ostrich technique of sticking your head in the sand! So, what next? Thought of changing courses yet?

Changing Courses

changing courses


In this post I am going to discuss some of the things that you should do to ensure that you move forward in a positive manner.

> Think about why you chose the course in the first place – Sometimes studying may be very different to the role you are aiming for. Ask yourself whether it is worth just cracking on because the end goal is worth it.

> Identify what you don’t like about your course – If it is a small element of your course, you may be able to change a module and take on something that you are more interested in.

> Get some help before changing courses– Talk to your friends, tutors and university careers service. Don’t suffer in silence; your friends may have some good advice for you or your tutors may be able to offer some support to help you to keep up. Your careers service will be able to discuss your options in more detail and help you to make the right decision.

> Check your finances – Changing course may have financial implications. The best thing to do is to pop over for a chat with someone at your university’s finance office to see where you stand.

What do I do if I decide to change course?

Explore your options – If you decide to change courses, you’re going to need to think about whether you want to change your course only, institution, or both. When exploring changing courses, it would be worth having a chat with tutors on the course, and if possible, people already on the course. See what the course is like; get information on the modules, opinions about the tutors etc. This will help to ensure that you don’t get into the same situation again.  

Keep up-to-date – Ensure that while you are making the move, you still keep up-to-date with your current course; that way you can be sure of a good reference from your tutor if you need one.

What if I want to leave university altogether?

There are many reasons that you might want to leave university altogether rather than changing courses. If this is the case, don’t worry – it isn’t the end of the world. Some people aren’t suited to university or it might just not be the right time both mentally and financially.

> Get in touch with your head of year or personal tutor – Check whether you can get credit for what you have already done. This way, if you decide to come back, you may be able to start where you left off. It is also worth checking how long such a credit would be valid for.

> Get a plan together – Developing a plan of what you are going to do once you leave is crucial. What jobs are you going to apply for? Have you got the skills and experience that you need? Have you got a CV that shows off your skills?

Are you thinking of changing courses? Have you changed courses and it was the best decision you have ever made? Did you leave university to enter the world of work and are now a high flyer? Let us know and get involved in the discussion. 


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  • such sensibilities are often ignored but i guess rational decisions are made through investigsation and commnication

  • Clear planning, information gathering and good communication with tutors/head of year etc. is the key.

    Too many people stick their head in the sand and just hope for the best!