3 Unlikely Things You’ll Miss After Graduation

you will miss post it notes
Written by Rebecca Cotzec

you will miss post it notes

OK, so I am fully aware that this has probably been said before, but it’s so true it needs to be said again (and again, and again) to try and hammer the message home: you will miss some things after graduation.

Don’t take your time at university for granted; embrace everything, even the annoying bits!

I graduated last year, and now have a job I love, but there are times I miss being a student. And its not the drinking or the lie-ins, it’s the things you don’t think about whilst you’re there.

1)      Lectures may seem like a pain in the backside sometimes, but unless you do further study, this is the probably the only time you will regularly be able to debate theories and bounce ideas off the leading experts in your field of interest. After you graduate you learn a lot of things, but there is rarely a person or enough time each week to properly discuss matters like there is in uni.



2)      The free stuff. Yeah, I’ll admit I miss the student discount, but I really meant the opportunities. Whether it’s learning a new language or skill, trying a new activity or just renting a film/game/book, it will cost a lot more once you graduate. That’s if the activities or classes even run locally to you.

3)      New stationary. This may not be applicable to all, but one of the strange things you miss is the excuse you have to spend money on rubbish. It’s a new term: that obviously means you need a new wardrobe, stationary kit, books, etc. Once you start working, you can tell yourself you deserve it because you’ve worked all week, but it just doesn’t have the same feel. Also, if you work in an office, chances are your stationary is already sorted *sad-stationary-geek-face*.



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Rebecca Cotzec

Whilst studying for her degree Rebecca undertook various extra-circular activities, internships and volunteering placements to try and gain experience in the communications sector. After graduating with a BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing 2:1 she took a part-time job as an office assistant and was promoted to marketing assistant within months. She is now striving to learn more about marketing and push her career further.