The Year of Loving Your Job – 2013

We’ve all been there. Wishing that the alarm clock wouldn’t ring at that horrendous time in the morning. Wishing that we didn’t have to take public transport to commute to work – a job that we wish we didn’t have in the first place. At work, counting down the hours until home time. And when you’re counting, my does time slow down!

2013 has just begun, so let’s take a vow to turn over a new leaf. Turn the bad into the good. The impossible into the possible. It may seem far-fetched from where you sit right now, but with a few simple changes to your mindset and your approach, you will be able to see wonderful things happen to your working world!

Here are my top favourite ways to love your job, this year!

1. Challenge Yourself. Ask your manager for more responsibility. See if there is a project that you can participate in, or better yet, lead. This will work in two ways to benefit you. Your manager will be impressed with your initiative, and you will be able to get out of that mental rut that you’re in by pushing yourself past your current boundaries. When you see yourself kick those goals and pass everything with flying colours, your happiness levels at work will increase and you’ll start to get a whole new lease on life even!

Also, with each routine task that you perform, challenge yourself to get better and better at it. To be the best at it that you can possibly be. This is another very motivating way of challenging yourself.

2. Be a Contribution. Instead of focusing on the tasks that you have to do and labelling them as repetitive, start to see how each little thing that you do can have a huge positive impact on the lives of people around you. View each customer phone call that you take as a way to brighten their day. See each word that you type as a means to working towards a larger goal, an outcome that will make a difference to the customers when they receive their order. Focus on giving, and not what you will get out of the position.

See your job as a means to make OTHERS happy, and you will see the returns.

3. Stay Positive. Your mindset contributes to a lot more of your happiness levels than the situations that actually happen to you. Remember that age-old adage. Your life is 20% circumstances and 80% how you view them. So each day, make a pact with yourself that you will focus on the good things rather than the bad things. Appreciate that you have a job that supports your lifestyle. Appreciate the relationships that you’ve made in the office. Don’t let small things get to you in the office. Remember that everyone has their own problems, so often the conflicts that happen aren’t anything to do with you, but are a result of a misunderstanding.

4. Bonding with Your Colleagues. See if there is a way that you can create a sports team that trains during lunch breaks. Or, perhaps get a yoga instructor to come in during your lunch breaks to teach a class of your colleagues. Creating relationships in the office environment can make a huge difference to your happiness levels. People feel that they have more experiences to share, and as a result not only work hard when they’re in the office, but play hard both in the office and out of the office. Oh, and don’t forget to go out for a glass of wine or beer on a Friday night. Even if you don’t want to initially. It will do wonders for office laughter during the week.

5. Network! Network! Network! Yes, it can feel like a scary and daunting term, but networking is something that is very necessary in today’s day and age. Just because you are currently in a role doesn’t mean that you don’t need to network anymore. Make a list of networking events that you’ll attend for the year. Try to average at least one every two months. Make an effort to reach out to individuals who you admire in your work arena. Email old colleagues whom you haven’t seen in a long time and meet them for a coffee or after work drink. When you have built strong relationships with your network, there is a higher chance of ‘right place-right time’ opportunities popping up.

6. Work-Life Balance. Ask your manager if it would be possible to arrange a working from home type set-up one day a fortnight. Is your role one in which there would be no disturbances if you weren’t in the office? Can you easily respond to emails and telephone calls when out of the office? There’s no harm in asking, and if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Loving your job isn’t impossible. Think outside the square. Look for solutions to the dilemmas you face. Change your mindset and get motivated! You’ll be off to a wonderful start to the new year!


Irene Kotov is the founder of Resume Writing Perth, a consultancy that helps people effectively manage their careers. Irene works with clients to uncover their passion, and navigates their way to making it a reality. Through Online Presence Creation, Resume Writing Services and Interview Coaching, Irene helps job-seekers create an impactful personal brand that has them stand out in a competitive market.

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