The Surprising Importance of Psychology when Creating a Website

Many online articles which are concerned with bespoke website design tend to stress the “nuts and bolts” such as HTML coding, how to embed flash videos and the power of search engine optimisation (SEO). While there is no doubt that all of these metrics are very important, we should also realise that psychology plays a critical role if you hope to make a lasting impression.

This arises from the simple and immutable fact that your success or failure will ultimately depend upon the satisfaction of your customers.

What psychological variables should you take into account and why can a professional website builder represent a powerful tool within your arsenal?

Focusing Upon the End-User Experience

Try to imagine presenting a website in the very same way as you would market a product to the general public. What are some of the most important traits which consumers tend to favour? Some examples can be found immediately below:

It just so happens that these very same variables are often able to highlight a well-designed website. Of course, other elements such as visual appeal and entertaining content will likewise appeal to the average visitor.

The main point behind this psychological approach involves being able to appreciate how your customers will interact with the associated material as well as how this content can be used to accentuate what it is that you have to offer.

A palatable layout, material which captivates the reader and actionable content suggestions will all help to cement the features mentioned immediately above. Although it might take a bit of experimentation before you find the correct balance between such factors, there is nothing wrong with testing out different options and themes while in the beta testing phase.

The Power of Digital Intuition

There are a host of software applications which are aiming to take the guesswork out of website design. So, a great deal of HTML or CSS knowledge is no longer required to create an eye-catching presentation.

The intuitive nature of platforms such as those offered by Shopify have been engineered for novices as well as seasoned experts.

Drag-and-drop templates, customised storefronts, secure payment gateways, and linking to related sites (such as a social media page) can be leveraged within seconds. Furthermore, this software is developed to grow as the requirements of your business change.

You will not need to migrate to a different platform in the future and as a result, a great deal of time and money can be saved.

Always remember that the psychological elements present within a website will have a massive impact upon how it is received. If you are struggling to obtain a sufficient number of inbound hits or if your products do not appear to be “jumping” off of the page, it could be a good idea to implement some of the professional methods mentioned above.

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