The Art Of Conversation: A Sign Of Expression. Evidence Of Confidence.


What would you classify as a form of art? Is making conversation a form of art? Even the simplistic concept of just talking has a relevant importance. Without it, how would we communicate? Bearing in mind that communicating by email and text is a form of conversation also.

The more you involve yourself in conversation, the better at it you’ll become. You’ll become someone who people will enjoy talking to. Most importantly, you’ll become more employable.  The star of the show, if that’s what you’d like to call it.

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For all you students and graduates out there, being a confident converser will make performing at interviews a lot easier. In fact, a lot more enjoyable. You won’t find yourself stumbling over words, trying to make yourself sound professional. Nevertheless, even if you are an avid speaker, nerves are always there as a setback, so beware of that. However, the point that I’m trying to put across is that, being able to articulate, is a skill. An important skill that will affect you daily!


When you go to an art gallery and look at a piece of art work, what does that say to you about its author? To me it illustrates intelligence, an enquiring mind and enthusiasm. These are a few of the many skills that employers want to see in their employees. It’s these qualities that are illustrated when you’re having a skilled conversation with someone. The other person can see the character within you.  That’s why, although you should always conduct yourself formally and appropriately, it’s important to act as if having a conversation with the interviewer. Easier said than done, I know, but, like I said, it’s a skill.  It’s a skill that can be perfected by practice.

Networking! We’ve all heard this before.

In order to develop a network around you, you need to be able to talk to people. You build a connection by just having a conversation with someone. Whether you’re in conversation with prospective employers, friends or whoever, you’re finding common interests with one another and moving forward in your relationship.

On a lighter note, you build friendships just by talking!

Provided that you’ve got something positive to say, you would gain a certain amount of respect. You’d become a likeable person, an individual who others would love talking to. Like I’ve mentioned before, it adds to your popularity. Your self-esteem develops.

The art of conversation: A sign of expression. Evidence of confidence.

A skilled conversation is an illustration of who you are and shows that you have a voice. This is what it’s meant by indulging yourself in the art of conversation. If that’s something you feel especially skilled for, or would just like to improve it, you might be interested in learning new language tools by taking some online classes. Online programs have been developed to help professionals improve their skills. Earning a master in negotiation and dispute resolution will help you manage conflict through negotiation and mediation. The techniques used in these programs will help you face any challenge, whichever sector you are in or career path you are deciding to get into. Plus, the art of conversation is useful in your professional life, as well as personal, and could help you achieve you career goal.

Take part in it more and you’ll see the difference.

photo credit: opensourceway via photopin cc