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The 5 Best Recruitment Companies in Singapore

Regardless of technological advancements, the availability of multiple platforms can complicate the process of finding a job or skillful employees. Recruitment agencies are popular for this reason.

If you seek top-notch recruitment companies in Singapore, below is a comprehensive list of reliable providers.

Read along to discover where you can find prospective employees and employers:

Top Ranking Recruitment Companies

Here is a list of options for recruitment agencies in Singapore that deliver stunning results!

1. Huxley

Working with a world-class recruitment team is the most effective way to identify the best available candidates and ensure your company outperforms the competition.

For more than 20 years, Huxley’s renowned recruiting consultants have helped banking, finance, technology, and STEM clients locate outstanding mid-level and executive talent.

Huxley works jointly with a plethora of clients, from emerging start-ups to multinational giants. Their thorough job recruitment offers reliable solutions to match the local and global regulatory standards.

Huxley adopts a comprehensive 7-step recruitment process to ensure their candidates have the skill set to meet your organization’s requirements.

Additionally, Huxley specializes in identifying outstanding mid-level and executive staff who coach clients to even tremendous success. Whether you seek STEM hiring services or a powerful fintech recruitment alternative, Huxley has all it takes to impress you.

2. Randstad

Randstad is a recruitment company that has been around for more than a decade. Their years of experience as a Singapore agency will provide you with a well-managed onboarding process, whether a startup company, a public or private organization or even an international enterprise.

You can use their platform as a job seeker or as a hiring manager. They provide solutions such as payroll and outplacement in addition to actual employment.

After outlying the exact area of expertise you are looking for, you will be presented with many options.

3. Michael Page

Michael Page is a global brand with a large pool of resources at its disposal. It combines global access with a thorough understanding of Singapore’s local markets, assisting you in finding the best job for your knowledge and expertise.

Michael Page may be what you seek if you want more than just a job search. They provide career advice even after being matched with a job, ensuring that both you and the employer benefit from a long-term, successful relationship.

4. Adept Manpower

This recruitment agency has a myriad of job opportunities to match your skills. These are easily accessible via their website.

Adept Manpower seeks to empower businesses in Singapore by offering various HR services such as local and foreign recruitment, payroll outsourcing, HRM, and others.

The company provides numerous resources for job seekers, including resume tips, interview tips, and more. They even have an intelligent tool for creating a resume from scratch.

5. Jac Recruitment

JAC Recruitment ensures that all employees and companies receive the best advice to help them achieve their long-term objectives. They assist applicants in preparing for interviews, provide background information on the companies, and much more.

Even after being paired with the best opportunity based on your requirements, JAC recruitment ensures that you are comfortable through follow-ups. These can help you progress in your career or achieve different employment goals.

Despite being stationed in the United Kingdom, the company has a Japanese corporate identity. Because it works with various clients in Japan, it has a wide range of options for Japanese speakers.


Are you a fresh graduate or seeking greener pastures? A recruitment agency can link you up with employers who require your skills and expertise, no matter your case.

Refer to the list above for a smooth and legitimate job identification process.

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