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Tech Essentials when starting a business

When starting a business there are a lot of things to worry about, especially on the technology side of things. Here’s our list of top essentials to purchase when starting a business.

Laptops or Desktop

Depending on how you run your business, you’ll need a laptop or desktop. Maybe even both! If you tend to move around a lot and take information to meetings, we recommend a laptop. For when you are at work, you can plug it into a monitor and still use it like a normal desktop.


Although very obvious, there is a lot of software you’ll need to install. The first of which should be an anti virus software such as Lookout. This will ensure your device won’t get any deadly viruses and your documents will be protected.  (If you’d like to learn more check out the infographic below) by Lookout. You should also download any other software that relates directly to your industry.


Most offices are now paper free and all documents are kept online but some documents will need to be printed and signed.  They have an expensive upkeep but are worth it when you need documents printed quickly.

External Hard drive

You probably plan on keeping your documents on the cloud service of your choice, but keeping a 1 – 4 terabyte external drive is great for emergencies. They can be used for transferring all your data from an old device to a new one you’ve purchased or used as a big backup for the whole office. So many uses for one device, definitely worth purchasing!

Coffee Machine

Everyone loves coffee. So getting a high tech, top of the range coffee machine is essential to keep the whole office awake and happy. These can be pricey but keeping your employees happy is your main role as the boss!

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