Success Energy and the Concept of Small Targets

success energies

I thought I’d write another general post, rather than one on a specific topic, as it would apply to everyone – in either their academic or working career. First of all, what are success energies and, most importantly, how do they help in achieving your lifetime goals? A lot of individuals feel that once they’ve reached their main desired goal, that’s the only time they’ve experienced success. However, what about setting oneself smaller targets that can be achieved in the short run?

Achieving these smaller targets would assist you in accomplishing your main target. This is what I mean by’ success energies’. Why focus on what you hope to achieve in the future, when you could achieve something right now? In fact, many of you probably do, but we’re sometimes so focused on where we would like to see ourselves in five to ten years’ time that we forget about what we’re achieving at present. Creating mini success energies all comes under the category of motivation. Every time we create‘success energy’, we’re increasing our motivation levels to the next peak.

This relates to a statement made in an article in Success Magazine on ‘Defining Success’ which states: ‘Without goals, life simply happens. But when we have a target, we can move with purpose…[1]’ My advice on this is to keep  moving with a purpose. Each day is an opportunity to fulfil that big goal and, moreover, creating constant success energies builds a new stepping stone towards that golden gate.

Additionally, success energies are a form of positive energy. Remember, in order to achieve something, it all stems from having a positive attitude. Negativity doesn’t even play a part. In fact, don’t even go there. Creating success energies doesn’t involve doubt, either. Ever heard of affirmations?  They’re basically statements that you reiterate to yourself which result in the growth of a positive mind and, eventually, your affirmative comes true. Whenever in doubt, I’ve experienced that reciting affirmations gets me back on track and diminishes all the negative energies.

Who said magic didn’t exist eh?

On a serious note, it’s all in the mind. Only you can control how you think, no one else can.

Now, onto my next point. How does one create success energy? Keeping busy but productive is the key. However, sometimes it can be difficult to be organised.

Keeping a realistic “to do” list would be a good start. How many of you make a long list of what to do each day, but not complete all of it? That’s what you call an ‘unrealistic’ “to do” list. Even the simplest of things create success energy. You create a list of things to do in order to make your way towards that futuristic goal, correct? This includes completing all the tasks that need to be done in order to get your days’ work completed and continue onto the next day.

How does it feel when you’ve completed what you’ve decided to do for that particular day? It feels good, doesn’t it? A sense of achievement? A glowing feeling inside you? Relief? That’s what you call success energy right there. That positive energy, vibrating throughout your body making you shine. If you make this a continuous habit, you’re well on your way towards achieving big success.

Anyways, how does this relate to either us students, graduates, or even those who have been working for a while? My answer to this is that it relates to us in many ways. Like I’ve said, success energies are a form of positive energy and, therefore, having that energy in your mindset will result in you getting the job done! I’ll provide you with a simple example: many of you who go to university want to graduate with a 2.1 or a First class degree. Let’s say that’s your main aim, a futuristic goal. How on earth are you going to achieve that? Answer: by creating small success energies. This includes giving yourself time to complete, to the best of your ability, coursework by the given deadline, ensuring that you’ve completed all your notes and prepared well in advance for exams. Doing this, retaining a positive mind and being well prepared will create miniature success energies. Even if you leave completing your coursework to the last minute but still managing to submit it on time, you’ve still created success energy. The only difference is that you’ll be under more stress, and need to learn from the fact that you need to be more organised.

What about graduates, or those that are graduating soon? There are many vacation placements, training contracts, internships or job applications that have strict deadlines. Most importantly, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ve got plenty of time ahead of you in order to get these applications completed.  What you’ll find out is that these applications are very time consuming, especially when you’ve got quite a few to complete. A lot of research needs to be done in order to gain knowledge about the firm/company. I’m sure you’ve all heard that all important ‘why work for us?’ question. Ensuring that you sound professional and spelling and punctuation is intact requires time and concentration, too.

To those who have already secured a job, I’ve read a lot of ‘A day in the life of…’ stories, especially coming from trainee solicitors. From what I’ve read, there’s a variety of work involved ranging from keeping up-to-date with emails, working with clients, attending meetings to social gatherings with colleagues. Each one, amongst others that I haven’t mentioned, are vital. Furthermore, I’m sure, as I can imagine, completing these daily tasks would feel like you’ve had a very productive day at work.

Productivity, another key word. Another crucial word that relates to success energy.

As you’ve probably gathered, it’s important to have the right attitude. Remember to keep focused, be motivated and have faith in yourself. Remember, ‘Winners never make excuses; they acknowledge their mistakes or failures and learn from them[2].’ That’s success right there.


photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc