Top 10 Reasons for Studying in the UK

Why is the UK such a great place to study? Aside from being literally surrounded by history, beautiful scenery and friendly people, the UK offers some great advantages for students. Here are your top 10 reasons for traveling to the UK for your studies!

studying in the UK


Costs vs Value of Studying in the UK

Who doesn’t want less for more? Tuition costs in the UK are lower than in many other countries, including the US and including International students. Programs in the UK are also faster, with undergraduate programs taking roughly three years (versus 4-5 in America) and Masters taking as little as one year.

High Quality of Education

Speaking of high value, the UK is the second most popular choice for international students because of its high quality of education. This quality is assured by the Quality Assurance Agency. But if that’s not enough for you, keep in mind that many of the UK institutions are world-renowned. Think Oxford!

Lots of Scholarships

There are heaps of scholarships and grants available to international students wishing to study in the UK and of course, there are student loans. You can also work part-time, depending on your visa.

Immerse Yourself In English

The English language is, if there is such a thing, the global language and is definitely in wide use across the world. If English isn’t your first language, going to school in the UK will immerse you in the language and so will increase your ability to be employed in better careers.


Though the UK is the center of the English speaking world, it’s amazingly multicultural. The UK is tolerant to all religions and races and the international student body contains a slice from pretty well every nation in the world. Discrimination is not tolerated and differences are celebrated.

Travel is Easy

Europe is just across the channel from the UK; only an hour or so away! You can visit France on the weekend, go to Italy, visit Amsterdam or a hundred other places.

Staying Put is Great Too

If you’re not so into travel, there is tons to do right in the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and North Irelandall offer exciting and wonderful opportunities to see other cultures. There is a ton of architecture, beautiful scenery and the whole area is steeped in history and wonder. It’s amazing!

Music, sports and Culture, oh My!

The UK is home to the world’s most popular national soccer league (called football in the UK), and lots of cricket, golf, tennis and horseback riding opportunities. Plus some of the world’s greatest musical acts were born and raised in the UK-The Beatles, Black Sabbath and more. Round it off with great movies, theatre, literature, and art and you’ve got something for quite literally everyone.

Studying in the UK is fun!

Haven’t we made that apparent yet?

If you’re looking to study internationally, then the UK is a brilliant place to do it. Lower costs, high quality of education and lots to do makes the UK a premier destination for students in all fields of study. Have fun!



Lena Paul is a Medical School graduate who is an enthusiastic blogger and holds an editorial position in Prepgenie , a test prep provider that offers exam preparation courses for UKCAT, GAMSAT, PCAT and UMAT.

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