How Tech Is Streamlining The Recruitment Process

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An increase in technology adoption is rapidly streamlining the recruitment process, helping it to achieve greater efficiencies in cost and time, and improving the resulting quality when it comes to finding the right person for a job, with a fitting skillset.

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As the world increasingly moves into the digital age, the recruitment industry is also benefiting from custom-built and off-the-shelf packages that support recruitment and selection activity, whether carried out in-house or via specialist recruitment agencies.


Apps are the big news across the vast majority of industries. In recruitment, this type of tech allows recruiters to access CVs, candidate data and other valuable MI when on the go, using their smartphones and other digital devices. At the same time, job apps allow professionals to find the latest vacancies at sites accommodating medical professionals, and either apply on the go, make further enquiries or send themselves the details to follow up on at a later date.

The Cloud



Many employers and recruiters are also investing in cloud computing technology, which hosts applications remotely and allows software versions to be updated automatically and cheaply via online downloads. Cloud computing also removes the need for complex and expensive on-site servers and allows databases and files to be accessed by authorised staff from any location and any device. It’s the ultimate tool for flexible working.


Another key trend is ‘big data’. This involves the use and integration of large and powerful databases which are designed to gather, measure and report on huge amounts of diverse data, according to the user’s need. These systems support candidate tracking and management software, for example, allowing hundreds of CVs to be sorted and assessed using specialist software, before holding potential interviewees on file and generating automated reports. This vastly reduces the manpower needed to manually sift CVs and cuts costs in the process.


Online applications are also on the rise, thanks to websites with increasing functionality. With CRM systems, candidates can complete application forms, upload CVs and cover letters and receive automated updates on the process and their progress through it. This saves vast amounts of time and cuts costs for processes such as sending out regret letters to non-successful candidates. The system can perform mail merges for approved letter versions and send them digitally rather than via slow and expensive snail mail.

Social Media

social media


Whereas recruiters and employers were once reliant on hard-copy applications and physical networking to find applicants, social media is now a valuable tool for finding potential targets within the industry for new jobs. Recruiters can use these platforms, such as LinkedIn, to search for possible candidates and to increase the pool of pre-assessed and selected candidates to put forward to an employer for review. Candidates can also present themselves to employers via social media and build their personal brand to increase their employability.

Online interviewing platforms even allow recruiters to screen prospective candidates from their computer, saving time on physical travel during the initial pre-screening stages.

Costs can be cut by as much as 80%, which is of increasing attractiveness to industries focusing evermore heavily on operational efficiencies and waste reduction.

In business, there’s nothing more important than getting the right people that have the right skillset for the job and the right personality for the company. The quest to do this can be long, expensive and highly difficult, therefore it’s worth making use of every available resource that has been designed to streamline this process and provide a successful outcome.

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