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Starting a Korean Online Store During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has now infected over 6.3 million people and has caused over 375,000 deaths around the world.

Many nations have struggled to cope with the virus and the pandemic has had a dramatic negative effect on many national economies.

In fact, roughly 40 million people lost their jobs in America alone since the pandemic started.

However, despite the fact that COVID-19 has forced many people out of their jobs, certain industries have been doing well in the chaos.

One industry that has been doing particularly well is e-commerce. For example, e-commerce titan, Amazon, has hired over 125,000 workers during the pandemic.

The main reason why e-commerce Is doing well during the pandemic is because people do not want to leave their houses in order to go and buy the things that they need. So instead, they simply shop for them online and have the items delivered to their homes.

This flood of buyers into the e-commerce niche has resulted in increased opportunities for people to make money in the e-commerce space during COVID-19.

Korean-Themed Stores 

Many people who are trying to capitalize on the e-commerce opportunities are creating stores that sell traditional items such as sunglasses, clothes, electronics, etc.

However, people who are trying to beat the competition are creating stores that are a little more unique and that have a little less competition.

One niche that is ripe with opportunity is the Korean birthday party supply niche. There are several reasons why this niche is exciting.

The first is because there are many unique Korean birthday products that are well-known in Korea, but that have the potential to become popular in other cultures too.

For example, Doljabi sets, which are gifts given to babies on their first birthdays, are a special Korean birthday gift. So, e-commerce business entrepreneurs can target anyone searching for “buy Doljabi sets” on search engines.

Doljabi sets include a number of different objects. The way that they work is that the objects are placed around a baby and the object that the baby reaches for first can predict the baby’s future.

Many Korean people swear by Doljabi sets and use them enthusiastically to determine how a baby’s life will turn out.

In addition to the fact that Korean birthday gifts have cultural crossover potential, there is also the fact that many Korean people still need to buy birthday gifts for their loved ones during the pandemic.

Countless Korean people both in Korea and around the world will shop online for birthday gifts for loved ones this year instead of going shopping in-person. So, Korean birthday gift e-commerce stores are great for this reason too.

The third reason why starting an e-commerce store in the Korean birthday gift niche is because employment opportunities are sparse in many nations right now.

Many companies have already gone bankrupt and many others who have managed to survive are simply not hiring right now.

So, anyone who can create a successful e-commerce store during the pandemic can save themselves the trouble of trying to find employment during the crisis.

Setting Yourself Up for Success After the Pandemic 

Even though there is a lot of opportunity to generate income through a Korean online store during COVID-19, if you set your store up correctly, you can continue to make money with it for years after the pandemic is over.

In order to create a beautiful store, you will need to have expertly written copy, high-quality photos, and products that people actually want to buy.

You can purchase inventory and try to sell it on your site, or you can work with a supplier and follow a dropshipping model instead.

However, whichever model you go with, you will still need to advertise your products correctly.

One of the best ways to advertise e-commerce products is through Facebook ads. So, if you do not already have a Facebook business account, then you should strongly consider creating one in order to use it to advertise your Korean online store during and after the COVID-Pandemic.

If you do not want to do the advertising yourself, you can outsource this task to a digital marketing company.


Starting an online store during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a great idea.

The Korean birthday present niche is one niche that has immense potential. This is because the market is not oversaturated, it has great products, and it has cultural crossover potential.

However, if you are going to make your store work, you need to put in the time and effort that is necessary.

Hopefully, your store will work and you will be able to use it to replace or significantly supplement your normal income.

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