Ssh! It’s Secret Santa!

secret santa gifts

secret santa gifts

It’s that awkward time of the year in the office, when the names are pulled out of a hat and you hope and pray you get Reg in accounts, a bottle of wine or a set of monogrammed hankies would keep him happy. Alas no, you’ve got the new girl from Marketing, and she has very high standards. Don’t panic! Here are some tips on how you can keep the peace with just £5… 

The first and most important thing to remember with this type of gift buying is: The etiquette of Secret Santa! Remember, the whole ethos of this type of gift buying is it is a token, a gesture of your respect for your fellow colleague. A small agreed amount is to be spent and spending more could put the gift receiver in an uncomfortable position.

Begin with trying to think about what the person likes, this of course depends on how well you know them. Do they have any hobbies? Do they have one particular thing they collect? Do they like reading? If so, and you know what types of book they like, then maybe look for something similar.

Take a look at how the person dresses. Do they wear a lot of scarves, ties or belts? Accessories can be cheaply sought and still show that you have put a bit of thought into the gift. Things that are useful are likely to appeal, perhaps the person may like cooking or baking, in which case look for an unusual cooking utensil or apron. If the person likes gardening, then a small gardening tool or a set of gardening gloves would be appreciated.

So what do you buy the person who you don’t know very well? A lipstick holder, a set of make-up brushes or a compact mirror are all good options if you are buying for someone who likes their make-up. Other less personal items, such as accessories for the home, are always a nice touch too – especially if someone has just moved house for example. Candles and candle holders are usually well received and are easy to find.

If you do get really stuck, food and drink is always a good plan to fall back on. To add a special touch, why not personalise it and show you have put a bit of thought into it?

Christmas comes but once a year, so don’t panic! Keep it tasteful, don’t embarrass or offend, and you’ll be surprised at how far just a little bit of thought can go, ensuring your gift will impress even the people with the very highest of standards!

ABOUT AUTHOR: Sachi is one of those crazy fanatics during Christmas who manages to do his Xmas shopping last minute. He currently sources personalised christmas baubles for the online retailer Personalised Gift Shop.

photo credit: sillypucci via photopin cc