Spring Cleaning! Spruce Up Your Website With These Simple Tips

There’s nothing more satisfying than giving our homes a good spring clean each year. However, it’s not just our homes that require some TLC.

If you have a company website or a blog then you must take the time to check that your website is running correctly, that it’s still functioning the way you want it and that your customers are still getting the experience that they want.

As you’re probably aware, you only have a limited time to get your visitor’s attention and give them what they’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll lose them to a competitor site.

This is why regular website maintenance is crucial.

Before you start spring cleaning your website, however, you should consider having a digital marketing audit done to ensure that your website is performing well.

Otherwise, here are some simple ways you can spruce up your website or blog:

Work on Your Fresh Content

You need to update your website’s content frequently. Otherwise, why would anyone want to come back?

If you’re launching a new product, write about it first. Use plenty of new keywords and create SEO heavy content that will help your pages get found on Google.

The newer content there is, the happier your visitors will be and the fresh pages and content will be indexed on Google.

New Images 

This goes hand in hand with your fresh content. New images can completely refresh your website and reignite interest from your visitors.

If you’re still using stock images, now is the time to upload your own, or purchase some high-quality images instead.

Your website’s design rating will increase and your website will be much nicer to look at.

Include New Ways to Get in Touch 

How do you ask your clients to get in touch with you? Via email? Or phone? Not everyone likes to communicate this way.

Implementing new ways for potential customers to get in touch will give your website the ability to engage with clients better. Consider simple contact forms or a live chat option.

Don’t Be Afraid to Include White Space

It’s natural to want to fill webpages with plenty of images and text. However, too much of either can make a website appear cluttered and tiresome to navigate.

Including some white on your pages as part of a design element will make your site look stylish and classy.

Give Your Website a Good Spring Clean!

You’ll be amazed how following these tips will give your website a fresh look and attract more readers and customers to your content and product.

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