How To Build A Social Media Career From Scratch [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media career

social media career

Can you really build a Social Media career? We’ve said before that social media can help your job search, but can the right use of it help you build a Social Media career?

The infographic below is by the University of Florida and it shows that you can now indulge in your obsession with likes, retweets, pins, and circles and re-emerge from the depths of the social media web with some money! Small and large businesses alike continue to invest more and more in social media marketers.

To build a social media careers, you need to understand the impact of social media on businesses. The 3 most important reasons small businesses leverage social media are:

  1. Connecting with customers
  2. Visibility
  3. Self-promotion

There is a lot of information below which we hope you find useful. If you have any thoughts on it, please leave a comment below.

Social Media Career

University of Florida Online Masters in Social Media