Skills Every Senior Programmer Analyst Should Highlight

Companies are integrating technology into their business models. Nowadays, thousands of programs and systems need to be developed and maintained. It’s the reason why senior programmer analysts are quite in demand.

Unfortunately, many applicants are just bombarding their applications with jargon – there’s actually a correct way of presenting yourself as a senior programmer analyst. If you want to build a successful career in this job, you should highlight these particular set of skills.

Technical skills

This section talks about the languages and tools that you should possess and highlight to prove that you’re a worthy candidate.

  • Languages – A strong understanding of different programming and scripting languages such as C#, C++, JAVA EE, Javascript, PHP is expected for programmer analysts. Highlight your ability to debug large chunks of code and your familiarity with built-in libraries.
  • Frameworks – Experience with Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, Entity, RoR, and Laravel proves your ability as a senior programmer analyst. You should also highlight your desire to explore more frameworks that can help establish different systems.
  • Databases – Highlight your ability to design and implement entity relationship diagrams that meet client requirements. You should also add that you’re competent in SQL, and outline query languages that you know.
  • Documentation – Underscore your experiences with crafting effective documentations and reports that are patterned to a software development process.

Business skills

As a senior programmer analyst, you’re expected to deal with the business aspect of the company.

It’s best to highlight your:

  • Proficiency in understanding a client’s industry
  • Ability in handling a client’s inquiry or request
  • Ability to foresee possible threats in a client’s current business model and recommend an effective course of action
  • Awareness of different business structures that exists in the industry

Soft skills

  • Flexibility – It highlights your ability to adapt to the client’s needs. Also, a good senior programmer analyst isn’t stuck with only one framework or language.
  • Communication – This puts emphasis on your ability to relay information to your clients which is highly needed in the job. Communication also includes delivering readable documents and reports.

Education and Experience

Education may refer to a degree or a certification in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Information Technology. On the other hand, experience talks about the projects and works that you have done. It’s not required to highlight education, but it’s recommended because it proves that you have an understanding of technology and business.

As a senior programmer analyst, you should focus more on listing your experiences in designing, developing, debugging, and maintaining large systems. Provide some examples of large projects and systems that you handled.

Always keep in mind, however, that a senior programmer analyst will not be measured by his education but by his tangible outputs.

These are the things that every senior programmer analyst should highlight if they want to be seen as a worthy candidate. It encompasses the things that companies and hiring managers look for.

If you have other things that you believe will impress the company, make sure that those complement your technical and business skills.

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