Data Shows Looking At Your Career In Short Term Is Bad

Written by Faizan Patankar

If you look at your career in short term phase, then statistically you are making an error which can depress you. This can lead to you losing focus on your career.

Let me show you a graph and if you are good at what you do, this is probably how you feel.

Elevation, then reality check, then elevation and various ups and downs… all this while thinking you are “not growing” in your role.

Short term career

Now, I know it can be frustrating on some days to think your career isn’t going anywhere. I am guilty of the same feeling at times, however you have to come out of it.

The curve I have shown above on short term career, is typical of all good employees. Or even startups. Sometimes you get a lot of attention then a day or week later it feigns away.

But statistically there is no point in looking at the short term. Because the plot above looks linear and very slow. However, extrapolate the plot and you will see in time, you will grow exponentially.

Do you think I am talking rubbish?

Don’t worry, it’s a feeling I often encounter when I write 🙂 And so, I have plotted it out.

If you zoom out from the plot above and look at it in long term you will see it grows rapidly! And that is why you shouldn’t be….

long term career

Remember, don’t look at your career short term. Do all the right things to grow in your career and be patient sometimes.

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