The Power of the ‘Thank You’ Letter

Written by leo.woodhead

Standing out from the crowd can be a struggle. For an interviewer, it can be equally as hard to choose between prospective employees.

So, the important question is: what can you do to improve your chances?

Sending a ‘thank you’ letter after your interview can be a quick and easy way to give you the edge.


Remind the Interviewer of Who You Are!

Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer. They’ve had a busy day and may have interviewed 20 people already. They’re tired and struggling to remember everyone that they have seen.

Over the next few days or so they will mull over the results of the interview and take a last look over the CVs. A few days after the interview, a well worded and friendly ‘thank you’ letter arrives on their desk. They read the letter and instantly it reminds them of who you are. They might have a closer look at your CV or have a little look over their interview notes again. All this puts you at the forefront of their mind and helps you to stand out a little from the crowd.

Show Your Professional Side

Sending a ‘thank you’ letter can help to show that you are professional. Employers want to hire professionals that can help their business run smoothly in whatever role that you are going for. Making that extra effort shows that you know how to communicate in a business setting and that can make a real difference when it comes to their final decision!

Find out Whether You Have the Job

The time after an interview, waiting to find out whether you’ve got the job can be agonising. Sending a ‘thank you’ letter may encourage the employer to get in touch to tell you about the progress of your application. Whether it is good or bad news, at least you will know sooner rather than later. If it is bad news, it allows you to get on with the rest of your job search and if it’s good news, you can get out and celebrate with full vigour!

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