5 Tips To Sell Yourself Effectively in an Interview

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If you’re applying for a new position and have bagged an interview, well done! You must have done something in the application process to impress your prospective employer.

So, how can you maximise your chances of excelling at your face-to-face meeting?

Sell Yourself Effectively in an Interview

Interviews can be a stressful experience and it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about the situation. However, it is confidence that can really make you stand out and land you the job.

Here are a few tips on how to lessen those nerves whilst showing that you are a capable candidate for the role. Good luck!

1. Make the right first impression
Prior to your interview, do whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself. You need to believe in the product you are selling, and in an interview, you are the product.
One of the main reasons someone won’t do well in an interview is their nervous traits. Under pressure in an interview environment, many will resort to stammering, fidgeting, or slouching, unbeknown to them. Nerves can easily take over. Do a run through with a friend or family member to try and work out ways to improve upon these.

2. Be prepared

Knowledge is the single biggest factor that can increase your confidence in an interview. If you know all about the company and what they’re looking for, what’s to be nervous about?
Do your research and always make sure you have the goods to back your claims up. Make sure you’re ready to briefly describe yourself. This doesn’t mean what you like to do at the weekend. Have a summary of your career ready in your head as this is the most asked interview question. The more prepared you are, the more confident you speak and the less you pause and stammer. Also, niche industries will ask specific questions. There’s no harm in looking online to get an idea of what to expect.


3. Don’t make it all about you
This may sound beside the point of an interview. But, the fact that the position would benefit you is obvious. Why else would you be going the job? Instead, discuss how you think your skills and experience could benefit their company. By switching the focus, you will inadvertently be selling your own skills whilst appealing to their corporate decision making.


4. Practise makes perfect

Remember that you are being judged on speaking for approximately 40 minutes. If you aren’t confident in speaking or if nerves often get the better of you – practise, practise, practise. Talk about yourself in the shower. Think about your strengths and weaknesses when you’re in the car. It may feel odd speaking out loud to yourself, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re speaking fluently and without any awkward silences.

5. Be yourself
Smile. Be memorable. Show you have a sense of humour. Interviews can be a stern environment. If you appear relaxed and calm, you give more room for your personality to shine through. If you are miserable and dis-interested, this isn’t someone they will want to see every day. As well as looking for someone who fits the bill, the employer will also want someone who will get along well with their staff. A friendly disposition can go a long way.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Written by Bev James, the Managing Director of  The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organization for coaching.

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