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Why Self-Confidence Leads to Success at Work?

self confidence
Written by Richard White

self confidence

The best part about being human is that we have a choice in what we think, how we feel, and how we choose to act. And being confident, is an essential component for anyone looking for success in their career. Confidence at workplace is knowing what you’re good at and the values you provide to the organization. In reality, self-confidence is often an important asset than skill and knowledge, or even experience. Anytime we step into the zone of certainty and confidence, it gives us a sense of power, strength and help us to evolve as a better person. As with everything in life, being confident or timid, happy or sad are all choices.

Learning how to direct and be conscious about our choices- what we think, how we feel and how we act are the ingredients required to be confident in life especially in your workplace. Choosing to approach any problem you face with a focus of being confident, can create an energy that can assist you far beyond your imagination. That is why if you don’t want to make the choice to pursue your goals with confidence and self-assurance, you don’t get what you want.

To accomplish your goal in life, you need to understand why confidence at work is key to success.

The drive to start anything, anytime

Confident people don’t think much, they execute their work quickly. They are not shy about striking out any new ideas that can lead to progress in the organization. Confidence allow you to stand up for yourself in a consistent manner even when those around you are still pondering or does not speak for you.

Self-confidence is reassuring others

Self-confidence create trust. Everyone wants to be able to trust the people they do business with. And to project trustworthiness, you must project confidence by believing in yourself and your values. Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right. Lack of confidence leads to setting the goal bar too low, and mediocre results.

The ability to work out of comfort zone

Being assertive makes it easy to become comfortable with the work habits and how you manage your everyday work. Confidence help you to push yourself out of your own comfort zone and show that you can face challenging situations with poise. Whenever there is change happening in any organization, other individuals always look for someone that goes with the flow in a positive and confident manner. Being self-reliant enables you to show how you can handle any situation and come out of it successfully.

Confidence builds healthy relationship

Confidence is imperative when it comes to establishing healthy relationship with the fellow-workers. When you are confident about what you do and how you take decisions, people around can trust you especially when they want any advice related to the work. As your suggestion and decision counts, you eventually command the respect of your peers and get the rewards you deserve.

The 4Cs to make you confident in life

It is essential to learn to be confident, in order to be successful in everything you do in life. However, there are certain factors that play major roles to help you achieve your self-assurance.


Being committed is an important component of getting what you want and where you want to be in life. And when you want a smooth path, better job, more money and healthy relationship, being committed directs you towards that path. However, commitment is a choice.


If you are not clear of what you want, you go nowhere in life. Envision your goal and be detailed about it. For instance, if you have a job interview for the position you have dreamt since a long time, plan your day ahead – meditate, prepare for the possible questions, come up with ideal vision of how you want the interview to go, what will you wear and many more to add. See and feel what you want before it happens.


Being conscious means being aware of what’s working and what’s not. It also means being clear about and committed to your goals. Being conscious means being consistent at all times.


Everything in life demands consistency. Once you know what you want in life and have a clear plan, make your choice consistent. Your plan should be able to keep you accountable and on the right track with your intentions and goal.

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