Could a Second Language Give You the Edge in an Interview?

Being able to speak a second language could be a huge benefit when looking for a new job. But how could being bilingual give you the edge in a job interview? Here are a few reasons why knowing a second language will be beneficial for your career prospects.

For specific multi language jobs

Of course, if you are applying for a job which requires the knowledge of a certain language, your skills will be essential. You may be applying for a job where your interviewer speaks the second language as well, you can converse in both languages and really impress.

By having language skills, you will show you are an asset to the company speaking fluently and conversing with others with ease. Looking for a career in Russia? If you know the local language you are more likely to be successful when interviewing for overseas and travelling positions.

Show diversity in your interview

Knowing another language is a window into that culture and this shows diversity to your interviewer. When you learn another language, you will also acquire knowledge about the native culture of the language origins too. You can comment about customs and traditions and show how you can fit in in different working environments.

You are more confident

Being able to speak a second language will help you to be more confident and this confidence will come across in your interview.

You know you can multi-task, that you have a great memory and pick things up easily. You know this because you have used these skills to learn your second language and by using and practicing your talents you are building on them all.

Bringing this knowledge with you to your interview will give you the confidence you need to give you that edge.

You can be sociable!

Learning a new language involves a lot of speaking and usually this is practiced with others. Learning and improving language skills is a very social activity and being able to socialise will be helpful during an interview.

You’ll have strengths such as being able to can talk to people in different types of settings, being relaxed, confident and also able to listen carefully too.  This makes you come across as someone who people would like to spend time with and an excellent plus when being interviewed.

It helps you be observant

As a multilingual person, you have the skill to observe your surroundings and analyse them. When you listen, you are already used to picking up on different inflections and tones because of your language skills. This also moves on to body language and facial expressions as well, all of which are a great tool to have when you are being interviewed. You can pick up on things where others may not and steer the interview to your benefit.

Will a second language help you land that dream job?

As you can see, a language skill is much more than just speaking. There are lots of other benefits that come with it too. So, if you know a second language or are thinking of learning one, theres no doubt it is a skill employers regard highly.

From multinational companies, a job abroad, one that involves travel or just a highly sought-after career. Knowing a second language will give you that edge during interview and beyond.

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