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Jobbuddy has a new feature that allows job seekers save career contacts

Written by Faizan Patankar

At Jobbuddy, we are driving towards creating an organisational tool that help job seekers in different stages of job search. When job seekers are out and about at careers fairs etc, there is a lot of contact information that is exchanged.

However most of these career contacts, whether that is a recruiting manager or an HR personnel hand out cards or flyers. Which inevitably are lost after a few days.

Sometimes, it is good practice to hang on to these career contacts, in-case you ever want to drop them an email and find some more details about the graduate scheme or do a speculative application.

My Contacts on Jobbuddy portal

On Jobbuddy, now you can log in and save your contacts. Which means at Jobbuddy you are now able to

  • Track jobs you want to apply to
  • Save documents like resume and cover letter and access them anywhere
  • Save contacts and never lose track of them

I have created a video to show how the contacts are saved and the view functionality.

This is another feature of Jobbuddy.

To get complete control over your job search management, sign up to Jobbuddy and get started in less than 60 seconds.




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