Routes to take once you’ve graduated as a teacher

When you’re trying to find your feet in the world of teaching, you might feel more like Bambi on ice than Fred Astaire. That’s why we’re here to tell you to stop panicking and help you realise that you’re not alone when it comes to figuring out the next step in your professional career development.  

Settle into your perfect role

Understandably, the most common choice for recent graduates is to find a role that allows them to complete their NQT Induction. You’ll want to choose somewhere that you know will give you the right amount of support and feedback you need to pass your first year successfully. Many people benefit from this sense of routine, but your workload can be substantial.

Delve into the world of supply teaching

Those who are still a little wary about going straight into a permanent role may want to gain some solid teaching experience in a supply teaching role. Nothing is stopping you from completing your NQT year as a supply teacher, so long as you reach your goals. Websites such as Simply Education can help you find teaching jobs close to home.

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Teach English abroad

Why not explore a different part of the world while gaining some valuable teaching experience? An ESL program will let you do just that. Many schools in Europe and further afield are on the lookout for qualified teachers that can use their skills to teach English as a second language.  

Further your skills at postgrad study

If it’s further qualifications that you’re looking for, then a postgraduate degree might be for you. This will allow you to gain more experience in a specific area of education and, afterwards, you’ll have a better understanding of teaching techniques. Of course, this option can be expensive, but there are quite a few funding options out there that can help you out.

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