Rights For Interns Mobile App Launched – Payback Time?

rights for interns

rights for internsTrade Union Congress (TUC), along with help from Intern Aware and Graduate Fog have developed and released a Rights for Interns app. In 2010 Rights for Interns was launched, along with help from NUS.

TUC says “This app has been produced by the TUC to provide interns with a convenient and accessible way of assessing quality information about their employment rights.”

For the first time we have come across an app that tells students of their rights in an internship. The cloudiness over national minimum wage and unpaid internships is something every student wants clearing up on. Hopefully, the government clears up the air. Looks unlikely though.

Rights For Interns

TUC, along with Intern Aware and Graduate Fog have worked out a solution by developing a mobile app, as more and more young students and graduates consume information on the go! rights of interns app 2

Rights for Interns app is built up on the already available information on the Rights For Interns website, launched by TUC way back in 2010.

It was in February of 2012 when I heard of the Rights for Interns App and it was to be launched then. But the noise died down after that and it was brought to my notice that it was finally released on 18 July 2012 on the Apple Store. On checking it up, I realised that Google Play Store had the app page updated on 11July 2012. I have no knowledge to report on what happened in between these months.

Rights for Interns is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Rights For Interns User Comment

A user of the app comments “UK internships can be good or lousy. This app has helpful quizzes to see if your internship makes the grade and what you can do about it if it doesn’t.” – Google Play Store

You can find out more about the app on TUC’s website here.

Please Note: Involvement of Intern Aware, Graduate Fog and NUS is reported by sources, I could not find any information from their websites. If you find this information incorrect, send us an email at: careergeek.blog@gmail.com


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