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Written by Asya Bodeva

I found out about Re.Vu a few weeks ago through Twitter and immediately I knew I had to try it out. As a recent graduate, I have been exploring innovative ways of promoting myself and my CV over the last few months, especially through social media. Re.Vu is a simple tool that turns your CV into an infographic. Visualising your CV is a great way of showing creativity and diversity to prospective employers, and Re.Vu helps you do that effortlessly which makes it a great resource for graduates trying to stand out from the crowd in their job search.

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Re.Vu is FREE to use!

Re.Vu is free which makes it perfect for students and graduates who struggle with their budget while on a job hunt. You can show you’re creative and diverse in building and representing your brand without worrying about spending too much. The fact that Re.Vu is free makes it a useful tool for students and graduates who would like to build up online presence on multiple levels but lacking resources to do that.

User Interface

Re.Vu’s interface is straightforward and simple. You choose a re.vu linkedinusername and a password, and your URL, and that’s it. You cannot login with Twitter/Facebook or LinkedIn at the moment, but that’s not a big issue as the logging in is really quick as it is. Understanding how Re.Vu works is made very easy by examples in every sections that you decide to fill in. So once you see the example, you can just choose the data you’d like to see on your profile and voila! – you have a visual infographic CV.

Re.Vu is very easy to use – you can import your LinkedIn profile and Re.Vu will automatically visualise the data. Alternatively, you can always enter your experience manually. You also have the options of adding your own detailed data about your skills and experiences and quantifying them. Re.Vu is also fun to use because you can play around and try out entering different data and visualising it. There are different sections, for example, you have a graph that shows the progression of your experiences in time. You can quantify some of your skills or achievements in percentages, others in a pie chart. With every section you have an example, so if you’re struggling for ideas, there’s always the example to direct you.

Click on the image to see a live example in action

If you think you cannot fill in all the sections in your first try, or if you feel you repeat yourself too much, then leave some sections blank, come back to them later. You can edit your Re.Vu profile at any point, adding/deleting/elaborating on your skills, achievements and experiences.


The idea of an infographic CV is not entirely new, but what Re.Vu does is pretty innovative. The simplicity of it makes it a great resource for anyone who seeks new ways of promoting themselves and their experiences to employers.

You can choose from different themes

Re.Vu is still pretty basic and a lot could be added to it. We would definitely like to see more design options, especially when it comes to backgrounds/fonts/colours, etc.

Re.Vu has got a section on analytics, where you can see how many people have viewed your profile. There’s also the option of sharing your Re.Vu page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + which we really like as sharing your infographic is made extremely easy. We also like the social networks buttons under the profile photo as they stand out and allow readers to connect with you.

Re.Vu Summary

Re.Vu is a good resource for graduates and students, as it shows creativity in the way they market themselves in the graduate job market. We definitely recommend it as an addition to your LinkedIn profile as a professional CV tool.

All the options at a glance

There could be improvements made to make Re.Vu more professional, and more options given to users to personalise the content and appearance, but overall, we think Re.Vu is worth spending some time on. It’s a tool that provides a free and easy way to visualise your CV, highlight your achievements and be creative in showcasing your strengths to prospective employers.

If you like the idea of visualising your CV and if this review has made you want to try Re.Vu out, go on and sigh up. We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback so please comment below!

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Asya Bodeva

Asya is a graduate in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Leicester and Editor of Career Geek Blog. She has a keen interest in social media and marketing, and web 2.0 tools. After graduating, Asya has expanded her research skills, to include independent online research, as well as to take advantage of free learning resources on the web.Currently looking for a full-time opportunity in related world, she balances her day between her part-time job and running the blog. Asya has grown the working team from 1 to 5 people and is constantly searching for ambitious people to join Career Geek Blog.