Review of Business – University Collaboration

Wilson was commissioned by the government last year to come up with ways to make the UK the world leader in university-business collaboration.

You can find the whole report published in a good format on the website

Thankfully, Stuart Johnson, working for the Careers Service at the University of Leicester has provided some valuable snippets, including…

[one_fourth last=”no”]Sandwich degrees should be encouraged through a new compact between students, universities, government and employers, reflecting the benefits to all parties from the enhanced employment outcomes arising from them[/one_fourth][one_fourth last=”no”]Graduate recruiters using filtering mechanisms should undertake a systematic and frequent review of screening algorithms in the light of the qualities of the graduates that the company has recruited and the diversity objectives of the company[/one_fourth][one_fourth last=”no”]Universities that do not regularly review the effectiveness of their enquiry management systems should undertake an audit to ensure efficient first‐level responsiveness; an ineffective relationship management system carries significant reputational risks[/one_fourth][one_fourth last=”yes”]Large companies represent only a fraction of the opportunities available for graduate employment, yet are disproportionately popular in terms of graduate application. Universities should reflect on how students’ perceptions of employment with small and medium‐sized companies could be improved[/one_fourth]

We are very happy to read of the review and believe it touches on the key aspects of the frustration often felt by graduates and students with their University Careers Services. The Wilson Review doesn’t hold back from commenting on the frustration of the automatic mechanisms used by businesses to filter graduates.

We recommend reading more on Stuart Johnsons’ Blog.

Are you part of the Careers Service and have any views on The Wilson Review? We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.