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No Respondents To Your Student Research Survey? This New Start-Up Is Here To Help [EXCLUSIVE]

Student Research Pool logo

The Student Research Pool is a web-based survey tool developed specifically for students to conduct their primary research for academic projects.

The website (launching soon) invites students to become members and as members they can create surveys, using a simple survey wizard, and then the surveys will be released to other members to answer. Students will act as a support network to fellow students by answering one another’s surveys.

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Charlotte Rodriguez

Charlotte Rodriguez, MD, Student Research Pool

I had a chance to have a feel of the website before it launches and also speak to the founder and Managing Director, Charlotte Rodriguez. Charlotte did her BA in Business Administration and Information Systems before completing her Masters in Marketing. After graduating she launched Student Research Pool.

She wrote: “Student Research Pool is all about people helping each other. With so many students required to generate survey data for their degrees, it makes sense for individuals to pull together and provide those answers, while benefiting from answers to their own surveys in return.”

I had the chance to ask Charlotte whether once someone creates a survey, the person filling it in has to be logged in to take part. 

Charlotte – Yes, the idea is that you join and become part of the participant pool. All the members will act as respondents to one another. I.e. If you want 50 responses, then you must answer 50 surveys – the results of a user’s survey will be blocked until the user answers enough surveys for other people. 

Student Research Pool logo

The site is only suitable for those students whose research can be based on a convenience sample, but it will overcome the huge issue of getting respondents at all, which students face every year.

And how do you plan to market this? Social media, print ads, universities, word or mouth, etc?

Charlotte – We already have a relatively vast following on Facebook prior to launch with almost 900 likes. We have also started building relationships with universities, as this is a tool that many have been crying out for and they are happy to support it.

We are also recruiting brand ambassadors to represent our brand in each university. These brand ambassadors should be entrepreneurial as their earning will be a direct reflection of the number of students signed up at their university. Here is a link to the job description: http://studentresearchpool.com/jobad.pdf

That’s cool, a chance to work with a start-up is a good choice. But tongue in cheek, why Student Research Pool and not other survey sites?

Charlotte – Because it’s not just a simple survey site, it’s a participant pool, specifically for students.

Awesome. Thanks for the answers, hopefully students can benefit from your student research-focused start-up.

Well, you should sign up to the site and have a look at it here. You can follow Student Research Pool on twitter.

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