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Reject, Reject, Reject…Why Is It Always Me?

job reject NO
Written by Grace Gardiner

The toughest thing that we all face when searching for a new job is the rejection, hands down. We apply for these jobs knowing that we fit the correct criteria in the job description, so we get our hopes up thinking that no one else fits it like we do. But then you log on to your emails, you see one from that company, your heart starts racing as you begin to read the line ‘Thank you for your application, however…’

job reject NO

Job reject…. why is it always me?!

‘It’s a big fat no!’

One of the worst sentences we can read, right? Sometimes we think they may as well just write ‘It’s a big fat no!’ in the subject bar; saves their time and ours.

I would be lying if I said getting a rejection email didn’t hurt. It’s yet another knock back in the search for our dream job. But you know what we have to do, don’t you? We have to stay positive! Everyone tells us to after all, but it is incredibly hard when you have had a rejection each day that week. But the fact of the matter is, at least you’re trying! You are putting effort in and you are one step closer to clinching that golden job of yours, and what is life without a few little knock backs? It tests us to see how tough we really are, and, of course, the answer is we are exceptionally tough!

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On to the next rejection

another rejection

“I would be lying if I said getting a rejection email didn’t hurt.”

So how about when you next get a rejection email, you take about five minutes of your time to think about it, think about why you think you weren’t chosen, think about how you could have made your application better, think about how it was obviously not meant to be and that they are missing out big style; it is their loss after all, not yours.

Then go and shove the kettle on and forget about it. On to bigger and better things!

The key is to not dwell; it’s not as though a similar job role won’t come along soon enough, and hey, what do you know, you are absolutely perfect for it and you bag an interview within a day of applying! These things happen, I’m not making it up!

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Lesson learnt

The biggest lesson in life I have learnt is to always be optimistic! Sure, you can have down days, but don’t let that affect your life. Everything always happens for a reason, so don’t get too disheartened by it. Keep applying, no matter how many knock backs you get; it just means that you’ll appreciate it even more when you get the job you’ve been dreaming of, and you’ll be absolutely amazing at it!

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