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Recruiting Real Estate Agents in a Digital World: Top 5 Tips

The digital age has transformed the way people communicate. For real estate brokerages and recruiters, this means both an easier and more challenging process of finding and hiring top agents.

The hyper-connection allows you to find candidates faster, but it also means your competitors enjoy the same advantages.

Therefore, it’s your job as a brokerage to be wiser and more proactive in recruiting real estate agents in the digital world.

You don’t have to be a complete technological expert, but you do have to make the most of the readily available tools. For some best practices and helpful tips in digital age recruitment, check out the list below:

Develop Your Online Presence

Recruitment is a form of communication, and what you have to remember about communication is that it’s a two-way street. With multiple channels available to real estate agents, you can expect them to be checking your online profiles just as you do theirs.

As such, you have to make sure that you have a fully developed digital presence and branding.

Some of the things you can do to strengthen your online presence and brand include optimizing your social media profiles and creating good content.

For the latter, variety is key. You need to let potential applicants know that you’re actively recruiting, but your posts shouldn’t be all about it all the time.

Instead, curate a mix of informative and entertaining content – highlight your company culture, too. Consider developing hashtags as well so that it’s easier to find your content.

Showcase Your Tech

The benefits of technology extend beyond just recruitment. Indeed, technological developments such as CRM apps are now part and parcel of a real estate agent’s daily life.

Thus, it would do your brokerage good if you can showcase your investments in technology.

Try creating videos that contain demos of the apps and other software you’re currently using. Emphasize how these can help new team members do their jobs more efficiently.

You can also talk about your tech through your current employees. Ask them to talk about the specific things they love about the apps that your brokerage has provided.

This way, the discussion becomes more authentic and less about just the technical specifications and features.

Be Clear About the Benefits

Every brokerage has its own wishlist of what they want in a real estate agent.

However, it’s not a good idea to focus only on what you want from your candidates. You also have to make it clear to them what they stand to gain if they choose to work with you.

Be clear about the benefits that potential new recruits will enjoy. Obviously, you have to include compensation packages, mentoring and training opportunities, as well as opportunities for career advancement.

You should also highlight the company culture and team environment, as these are huge decision-making factors for many real estate agents (and all employees, in general).

Make sure to be clear and concise when you list all these benefits. Don’t be too “sales-y” or it will seem as if you’re trying too hard. You should also tailor your messaging depending on the skill level of the people you’re looking for.

More experienced agents will have a different set of expectations compared to younger real estate professionals.

Invest in Recruitment Analytics

Analytics is an important component of recruitment, in that it can help you determine your ideal employee. In turn, it makes applicant evaluation much more streamlined.

The end result is that your recruitment team can hire talented individuals that meet all of your requirements.

Recruitment analytics also help you monitor employee performance, which can then help you craft career paths for them.

What you have to remember is that while data is important, processing and analyzing that data is even more significant.

When you have proper recruitment analytics in place, you can make better and more informed hiring decisions.

Utilize Digital Channels the Right Way

Recruiting in the digital age means having to use digital channels, such as your brokerage’s own website and social media. The trick is to learn how to use these channels the right way.

For your website, consider having a blog dedicated to building the image of your company. Focus on what you can do for your employees and your clients, as well as the things that set you apart from the competition.

You should also provide relevant and educational content. Remember to use industry keywords and apply SEO techniques to help push your website to the top of search results.

For social media, make sure to tailor-fit your content based on the platform. Facebook is casual and friendly, LinkedIn is more professional, while Twitter is fast-paced. You should also take into account the kinds of candidates you want to reach through social media.

For example, if you’re building up a database of passive candidates, consider looking in LinkedIn first before hopping onto Facebook and Twitter.

Recruitment will always be about people and not technology.

Nevertheless, the digital revolution has indeed made it easier for recruitment professionals to find the cream of the crop.

Keep these tips in mind to help you optimize your brokerage’s digital recruitment strategies.

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