Recession Job Hunting Tips: Separating Fact from Fiction

job hunting

The economic hard times of a recession can easily put a damper on an individual’s job-hunting aspirations. This is especially the case for college students who graduate in the middle of a recession. Job-hunting during a recession does not be as have to be as hopeless as many people think. There are a number of myths and half-truths about job-hunting during a period of economic decline. Learning how to separate fact from fiction helps to alleviate the anxiety, stress, and tension that are natural part of the job-hunting process.

job hunting

The Hiring Scenario

Fiction – No one is hiring during a recession.

Fact: Many companies and industries put a “hiring freeze” into effect during economically difficult times. It is a mistake, however, to assume that it is a waste of time to contact a company while a hiring freeze is in effect. Floating your name and resume around is a good way to build contacts, to network, and to be first in line when a company begins hiring again.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a recession does not affect all sectors of the economy. While some industries and companies may go into a downward economic spiral, other companies and industries actually experience economic growth.

Job Hunting Strategies

Fiction – Online job boards and sites provide the greatest opportunities.

Fact – Online job boards actually have a limited value for job hunters. It is much more beneficial to utilize multiple sources in the job-hunting process. In addition to online job boards, search classified ads, visit company websites, and attend job fairs. The reality is that only about 15 to 20 per cent of jobs are actually posted or advertised.

Networking is a much more profitable job hunting strategy. Networking involves making use of formal and informal contacts to pass the word along through the grapevine that you are on the job market. Networking is a good way to keep in touch with promising leads and prospects.

Full-Time versus Part-Time

Fiction – Part-time and temporary positions are a dead end.

Fact – During a recession it is important to be flexible. Rather than constantly pursuing dead ends and limited possibilities, job-hunters should broaden their thinking and options. Temporary or part-time workers are especially attractive to a number of industries and companies during a recession. While a temporary or part-time position is less than ideal, it can offer a lot as well. A temporary or part-time position pays the bills, it doesn’t bring your job search to a standstill, and it may turn into a permanent position.

Many employers use part-time positions as a stepping-stone to selecting full-time employees. A number of industries and companies prefer temporary workers as a type of apprenticeship to evaluate the employee’s job performance before offering a full-time position.

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