Top 5 Justifiable Reasons for Job Termination

Everybody wants to work in renowned companies to build a career that they are proud of.

Employers also look for candidates who are passionate about their work and will help their business grow.

However, sometimes even the most talented employees are terminated from the company, and for most of them, companies do not even need a solid reason.

In fact, it will not be wrong to say that when you are an employee, your employer can terminate you at any time, without any notice.

That said, most companies do not fire their employees based on personal issues. Most employers fire their workers for a reason.

Here are a few reasons that can lead to job termination:

1. Violating Company Policy

Non-compliance with the company’s rules and policies are one of the primary reasons why people are terminated from their jobs.

Some of the violation areas can include workplace conduct, office dating, social media use, and dress code, among many others.

If the person is unable to follow these rules and policies defined by their company, the employer may dismiss them after providing sufficient advance notice of termination.

However, in case of termination without cause, the employees can seek legal help to protect their rights.

2. Personality Problems

Specific jobs require you to collaborate with other employees and staff members.

However, some employees are unable or unwilling to connect and collaborate with fellow employees. It can lead to some serious problems for co-workers and the company.

Such personality issues can also result in reduced productivity and possible confrontations with co-workers and management.

If these concerns are not addressed on time, the company may see termination as the only solution.

Therefore, if your job requires you to get along with your colleagues, be willing to do so to get better results and increased productivity.

3. Unethical Conduct

There are more than a few things that fall into this category. From sexual harassment to slander and from theft to bullying, many things come under the umbrella of misconduct.

Typically, employers give two or three warnings when there is misconduct from an employee.

If the employee does not correct his or her behavior after warnings, the company can dismiss the employee.

4. Unsatisfactory Performance

Companies hire employees so that they can show their skills that will eventually help their company grow.

However, if the employee fails to do so, the company can take action in the form of demotion and even termination.

If you think that your performance is not going well, it is time to look into the issue and correct it before it costs you heavily.

5. Missed Work Days

This issue is directly related to the contract. Every employee is required to work for defined hours daily.

He must complete his working hours in order to get a certain amount of output that his company has determined.

If the employee is missing his work hours and days, and it affects his performance, the employer may warn or terminate the employee.


While labor laws exist to protect employees from termination without cause, employers are within their rights to fire any worker who does not comply with the company’s rules.

If ever you are unsure of your performance or compliance within a company, never hesitate to discuss the matter with your employer or HR department.

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