Real Uni Guide – One Stop University Shop For Prospective Students


Are you a prospective student looking for a university or a university looking to attract prospective students? Then Real Uni Guide is a must visit website for you. Real Uni Guide in their own words is “an intelligent social search engine for both universities and colleges… It allows you to input your every want from your perfect university or college, whether that be academic ranking, sporting prowess, male to female ratio, location, UCAS points and more, we’ll find the right campus for you to further your education.”


Essentially, Real Uni Guide is a virtual prospectus of universities. And by no means is it boring! I just searched for University of Leicester, where I graduated from, and the content available is dynamic and interesting.

It’s got videos, contact information, social information, admission details, population and much more! On one page.

real uni guide intelligent search

The Intelligent Search Form

All this information is available on universities’ websites as well. But if you are looking to go to university, you are bubbling with excitement and you want content faster and in one place. Real Uni Guide offers exactly that.

Real Uni Guide also helps suggest some universities depending upon your search criteria. Which is always nice for prospective students.

A service like Real Uni Guide has a global market. With a large international student population striving to come to the UK for further studies, the Real Uni Guide website can become a one stop shop for prospective students.

I actually had the pleasure of a brief chat with Nick Donnelly, co-founder and Marketing Director of Real Uni Guide. And the plans he has laid out seem pretty exciting. The good thing about this start-up service is that Nick himself has gone through the frustration of searching for universities and spending time on it, so he can relate to it.

Real Uni Guide is now approaching universities to show them the profiles that have been set up and offer some control over the profile and give them a chance to make the content even more ‘all-rounded’ for prospective students.

real uni guide university information

Snapshot of University Profile Information

I hope universities do try and use Real Uni Guide, because they are in beta phase at the moment and this is the time to build a good platform ready to come out of beta.

There are improvements that can be done to the site, but those are individual perceptions; for example, I am not a fan of the dark background and always prefer black letters on white rather than the other way round.

I can also tell you that there is some concern amongst a couple of universities about this service. And I expect there to be, because this is something new, something dynamic, and it has actually taken two years to build, so you can understand the work gone into it. I for one, never would’ve thought someone would actually put all that effort into making a dynamic prospectus for universities and prospective students to use. And now that it is there, universities are ill prepared to provide feedback.

Have a look at Real Uni Guide and tell us what you think in the comments below.