What Qualities Make A Great Car Mechanic?

qualities of a car mechanic

qualities of a car mechanic

If cars are your passion and you enjoy fixing and repairing things, then a career as a car mechanic could be for you.

The old stereotype of the oil-stained grease monkey is well and truly buried. Modern mechanics are not only fully trained through a range of car mechanic courses but they have to do much more than replace parts. Today’s cars are complex, computerised machines and servicing and repairing them takes a bit more than considered use of a spanner.

You’ll find a variety of mechanic courses in London and around the country, but before you decide to dive right in, it helps to understand what a mechanic does and what qualities make a great car mechanic.

Typical day-to-day jobs for a car mechanic might include:

  • Fault finding
  • Estimating time and costs for jobs
  • Customer service
  • Repairing and replacing parts
  • Carrying out servicing and maintenance tasks and checks
  • Testing a vehicle following repair to check the faults have been repaired correctly

Mechanic courses in London and across the UK are designed to give you the skills needed to carry out these tasks. You’ll also find specialised courses that can help you branch out into car accident repair work such as body work and paint work, classic car restoration and much more.

Although mechanic courses will provide you with skills, there are qualities that you need to have to be a great mechanic, such as:

  • Analytical Thinker. A huge part of being a great mechanic is being able to analyse and isolate faults. Although diagnostic computers will help, a lot of the time it comes down to good problem solving skills.
  • Practical Nature. Like most machines, cars and vehicles have a logical structure and parts will affect others if they go wrong. Having good practical skills and a logical mindset is vital to being a successful car mechanic.
  • Appetite for Knowledge. Studying on mechanic courses is just the start of a never-ending cycle of training and learning. Car technology is rapidly evolving and great mechanics need to love staying on top of developments, so they can better deal with their customers’ problems.
  • Strong Customer Service Skills. A lot of people don’t like taking their car to the garage because they feel they will be bamboozled with techno speak. If a mechanic wants to get repeat business, they need be able to put customers at ease and communicate complex jargon and problems in plain English.

If you want a career as a car mechanic, you’ll need to undertake the necessary training. There are a range of mechanic courses in London and in other locations that will help give you the knowledge and skills you need to secure a job.

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  • It is good to know that good auto mechanics are capable of finding faults. I am also happy to learn that they are able to estimate time and costs for jobs. Something to consider would be to schedule your car maintenance appointment at a time during the day when you can accomplish other errands near by.