Pros and cons: Is an online MBA taken seriously?

In this hasty world that we are living in it seems there is never enough time to accomplish everything we want to achieve in life. That is why almost all education – and even master degree – can be obtained online.

In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of getting your MBA online and whether your degree obtained that way is taken seriously enough by the employers.


An Online MBA is acknowledged if it is fully accredited

The first question every prospective MBA student asks when it comes to getting an MBA online is whether it is taken seriously by the future employers. The answer is yes but only if the business school is registered and accredited.  You should thoroughly investigate whether or not the business school you are about to attend online is fully accredited.

That should be your first step in getting an MBA online that will provide you with a job and a good salary.

Lower expenses

One must admit that getting an MBA online is much more convenient for the budget. Also, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and learn. You do not have to pay for the accommodation or food. Considering money, you can work full or part-time while getting your MBA online.

Study anywhere

You can take classes from all over the globe. For example, one can get an online MBA in California without the need of residing in the state itself (though who doesn’t want ot live in Cali?).

Indeed, you can travel and gain useful experiences while at the same time learning to be an accountant, business secretary, manager or so on.

Those who are dedicated and study hard are always taken seriously no matter how they obtained their degree – online or the old-fashioned way.


Fewer chances for networking and internships

What is the most precious thing you can get when socializing with people at the college? Yes, you are right, you make connections, and you meet people and create an introduction to your future career in business.

Less immersion

If you are one of those types that struggle with focus and organization, then full-time studying is far better for you. An online student must be very disciplined and concentrated since he is left to himself in a way. The responsibility is great and one must be measured up to that kind of liability.

Here comes an issue of how seriously you take yourself and your goals and obligations.


At the end, it all comes to the following and that is how seriously you take yourself and your learning. It does not really matter whether you study online or not, it matters how much time and effort are you willing to put in that study process.

Those who are dedicated and study hard are always taken seriously no matter how they obtained their degree – online or the old-fashioned way.

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