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Practice Aptitude Tests From SHL, Kenexa and more

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Written by Faizan Patankar

For graduates wanting to enter a business, they have to do certain things. Fill in online job application forms and do aptitude tests as part of that.

Aptitude tests aren’t my favourite. However, more businesses than ever are using aptitude tests to filter out graduates.

My first advice to beating aptitude tests are to practice them.

Honestly, guys, Practice Aptitude Tests.

There are different kinds of aptitude tests:

  1. Numerical aptitude tests
  2. Verbal reasoning tests
  3. Inductive tests
  4. Diagrammatic tests
  5. Logical tests
  6. Situational aptitude tests
  7. In-tray exercises
  8. and Psychometric tests

I hardly know of any business that uses all these aptitude tests. Generally, a business will use 2 or 3 of different aptitude tests combined.

When I was applying for graduate jobs I did quite a lot of aptitude tests. They mostly included psychometric tests, involving numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

What do aptitude tests judge?

Aptitude tests aren’t a direct result who you are.

They are mostly relative.

What I mean by that is, say there are two batches of candidates taking the test. Batch A and Batch B. Each batch has 10 candidates each.

So, if you are in batch A then top 3 from that batch will go through. And 3 candidates from batch B.

It could just be that top 3 of batch A could have a score which is less than batch B. But because only 3 people from each batch can be taken, that means there isn’t a certain score you have to beat.

So, as you can see doing these aptitude tests can really be blind at times.

Again, what’s the best you can do in that case? Practice aptitude tests. Practice psychometric tests to be ready for them.

How do I practice aptitude tests?

There are a lot of aptitude test providers out there. Google them and loads will come up.

I am going to share the provider I used to practice psychometric tests and numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

I used Assessment Day for all my psychometric test practice.

aptitude tests

Assessment Day has lots of free tests that you can take for practice. And once you have practised one or two tests, I would suggest you buy psychometric tests to try selection tests that real employers use.

Benefits of using Assessment Day aptitude tests

To be honest, you need to practice aptitude tests to make you ready for the real selection tests. However, Assessment Day has made a name for itself in providing some of the best tests and also offer the following benefits:

  • Suitable for practising SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Talent Q, and Cubiks tests
  • Worked solutions to every question and exercise.
  • Instant online access via username and password.
  • Practice anywhere 24/7.
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and tablets.
  • Online timed simulations of real tests and also PDF versions for you to use offline.
  • Practice questions from the same people who write real tests for employers.
  • Take the tests as many times as you like within your access period.
  • Automatic updates to ensure you are practising with the most recent tests.

OK, now you know how to do well in aptitude tests. You need to practice and then practice a bit more.

P.S. drop me a comment if you need more info and I would be happy to help!

Visit Assessment Day

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  • Great piece of advice. It is important for job candidates to also know that assessments need to be done with an honest mindset without trying think which is the right or wrong answer or what does the interviewer want since they are out to seek you degree of suitability to certain roles and organization cultures