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What Are the Most Popular Jobs for Project Managers?

Are you a natural-born leader? Do you “love it when a plan comes together?”

There are no prescribed career paths for project managers, but that’s the beauty of it. The world is your oyster!

Jobs for project managers require organization, communication, and task and time management. As long as you possess these project management skills, you’ll do great.

Most organizations (89%) have at least one project management office. You’ll be in high demand everywhere. You only need to choose which path to take.

To give you some ideas, here are three of the most lucrative jobs in project management.

IT Offers the Most High-Paying Jobs for Project Managers

It’s no surprise that Information Technology (IT) jobs are very sought-after in today’s digital landscape. The project manager salary for IT is typically in the six-figure range.

While some background in computer science or programming will give you a leg up in landing a job in IT, it’s not a prerequisite. You’re more valued for your management and creative thinking skills than your technical prowess.

But one thing to consider is that you’ll likely juggle multiple projects simultaneously. An IT project manager has one of the more demanding jobs out there.

Choose Engineering if You Like to See Things Get Built

Some of the brightest minds are engineers. But sometimes, they can get lost in the project details. It’s your job to nudge them in the right direction to keep them from losing sight of the big picture.

The most satisfying part of being an engineering project manager is seeing something materialize at the end of the project.

It can be a behemoth like a skyscraper or something as small as a computer chip. Knowing you had a significant role in its completion is a great feeling.

The field of engineering is one of the highest-paying career paths for project managers, especially in aerospace.

Develop Life-Saving Medicine as a Pharmaceutical Project Manager

As a pharmaceutical project manager, you’ll oversee drug development from conception until it’s on the market. You’re responsible for ensuring that a new drug or vaccine is developed on schedule and within budget.

It’s also your job to see that it complies with medical and legal standards for safety and efficacy.

Per the job description, you’ll be working closely with doctors, researchers, and biochemists. You’re expected to be familiar with the ins and outs of drug manufacturing.

With that said, having a bachelor’s degree in the sciences is a good start if you want to pursue a career as a pharmaceutical project manager.

It also helps to have prior experience working in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies.

Choose Your Career Path

The three examples above are some of the best-paid jobs for project managers. However, you can choose other fields or specializations that will also net you a fat paycheck.

Some examples are marketing, healthcare, consulting, and construction. As long as a project needs completion, there will always be a job for you.

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