When should you plan your team building activities?

When should you plan your team building activities?

As a business grows, so does the number of employees that become a part of the team.

For larger teams, it can take a little extra effort to create a strong working relationship between colleagues, so what better way to do this than with a fun day of team building activities?

Making a small investment in a team building day out can greatly impact a team’s attitude towards the company and the work they do daily. It can have a huge impact on productivity and create a strong bond between the entire team.

Are you an employer or manager interested in team building, or even an employee looking to suggest some team building to your seniors? We’ve got a few suggestions on the best times throughout the year, to book in some fantastically fun team building that the whole team is bound to enjoy.

Summer is one of the best times of year for team building

We’ve all had that feeling of glum, as you look out of the office window to the sunny weather outside. The majority of workers tend to miss out on a lot of the summer weather due to their working hours. Why not give them something to look forward to, with a team building day or two in the summer?

Summer brings with it an abundance of fun things to see and do in the outdoors, as well as giving office workers that much-needed breath of fresh. With so much variety to choose from, you can take the time to think about each employee’s personality, their likes and interests, to make a decision on what activity to use as your journey to team building.

Team Tactics offer a variety of team building activities that are perfect for summer. You could take to the waters for a day of dragon boat racing, sailing, or even a treasure hunt! Or how about reliving your youth with a sports day like those back in school?

Fit a team building day in around Bank Holidays

We’re lucky to have quite a few bank holidays throughout the year, giving us additional days off  for that much-needed relaxation and recuperation. It isn’t uncommon for the workplace to get a bit rowdy during the run up to a bank holiday, as the team gets excited about the prospect of an extra day off at the weekend.

The days running up to the bank holiday, as well as the days after, can be some of the more unproductive days of the year. Employees get excited for the bank holiday beforehand, only to feel the lull of it all once it’s passed. As an employer or manager, these days before or after provide the perfect opportunity to fit in a team building day. It gives the team something to look forward to and makes the most of a day that would otherwise be pretty unproductive in the office.

Why not start the bank holiday celebrations early, with a cocktail making class or some wine tasting? You could even include a private screening of a film or enjoy some karaoke to have a laugh and to boost confidence!

Team building is something that can be done at all times throughout the year. But to boost team happiness and optimise the most productive times of the year all at the same time, we would recommend adding some team building in around these key times.

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