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Building The Perfect LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Faizan Patankar

LinkedIn is a professional social network which seems to be doing well. A lot of recruiters have turned to LinkedIn to hire more proactively.

I have previously written about how to get started on LinkedIn in 7 easy  steps. If you haven’t got a profile do read that post and create a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn put together some top tips on how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile. And who better to listen to on building the perfect LinkedIn profile, than LinkedIn itself?

In a post on the official LinkedIn blog, I came across a post titled Student Job Seekers: Tips to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile.

I created an infographic to show how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile.

5 tips on building the perfect LinkedIn profile

1. Add an image – to be quickly recognised to potential recruiters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a selfie. However, be careful not to add a group picture – that kinda defeats the purpose of being easily recognisable.

2. Highlight education and experience – and don’t hold back, boast about your awards and achievements. As for experience, it doesn’t matter if you were flipping burgers at McD’s – add it as experience. It all matters.

3. Add skills and get endorsed – add the right skills for your profile and LinkedIn will automatically ask your network to endorse you for the relevant skill. Skills also make it easy for your profile to show up in searches. p.s. what employability skills are employers looking for?

4. Add a good summary – don’t just bulk up your profile with awards, stats, figures and experience. Add a good summary of yourself – show your personality through it. No one wants to hire a boring person you see! A good personality is a must in building the perfect LinkedIn profile.

5. Post updates and engage – having put all the efforts into building the perfect LinkedIn profile, it would be crazy not to keep it fresh! Keep posting relevant updates and engaging with the community. I assume active profiles are loved by algorithms too 😉

Building The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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