Combine Your Textbook Revision With Online Revision For Better Results

online revision featured
online revision featured

A mix of textbook revision and technology-friendly online revision is a growing trend.

If you are studying for your exams, you will want to revise as much as possible in order to achieve the best results possible.  Many people turn to their course textbooks when exams approach, to ensure they are familiar with their course materials.  However, another popular study choice for students is online revision.

Online revision is a great compliment to traditional textbooks, so for maximum results in your exams, why not try combining your online notes with your textbooks?

So, how is online revision a great choice combined with using your textbooks?

1. Easy to access

When studying at home or in college or university, using your textbooks is fine.  However, there are times when you won’t be able to, or won’t want to, carry around your often very heavy textbooks.  If you are heading out for a day in the sun, or have a long train journey to make, then the chances are you won’t even consider bringing your textbooks.  However, if you have access to online revision notes, like those provided by PasTest, you will have access to them wherever you go, without having to bulk out your bag with textbooks.  Simply access the materials from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and you can access your study materials wherever you are.

 2. Access to up-to-date information

Another great thing about online revision is that it is often much more up-to-date than textbooks.  This is particularly true if you have textbooks that are many years old.  Although the content is unlikely to have changed that much, by combining online revision with your textbooks, you can always be sure of having the most up-to-date information at your disposal

3. Variety

With online textbooks there is no variety; you simply read books.  Although this is great for studying, adding a bit of variety can really help with learning your course materials.  With online revision materials, like those provided by PasTest, you not only have access to written course notes, but also online lectures and past exam papers.  By combining reading with videos and mock exam papers, you get to benefit from various study materials, making your revision journey much more successful.

Guest Post Credit: PasTest provide online revision materials for a wide range of medical courses including MRCP, MRCS, and MRCGP; so whatever you are studying, you will find a great range of up-to-date materials to help you achieve the best results in your exams.