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25 Niche Social Networks Marketers Need to Know About

25 niche social networks marketers need to know about
Written by Faizan Patankar

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest seem to be the only options available to marketers. You look at the sheer number of people using them, and it’s hard not to simply jump on board. Doing so would be a detriment to your success, however.

Yes, you should have a presence on major social media networks, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect smaller niche networks. Take a look as we outline 25 different niche social networks you may have never heard of. Even so, they represent a wide variety of niches that you can tap into for your marketing.

Why Are Niche Social Networks Important?

While major networks tend to focus on broad audiences, niche networks tend to focus on a very specific topic or concept. This brings targeted traffic to the network and gives you direct access to that audience.

These networks remove the need for targeting and segmentation and free up marketers to directly interact with their audience. If you specialize in dog training, there’s a network for that. If you’re a fashion company that sells hand-knitted items, there’s a network for that.

You can find a social network for everything. Whether it’s making a user-friendly website, or taking a DIY approach to your next home project, it’s all out there, and marketers should be taking advantage of that fact.

25 Niche Social Media Networks Marketers Should Follow

Targeting the correct audience can be a huge boon in your social media marketing efforts. Here are 25 widely varied options of niche social media networks that fulfil a wide range of audience types:

1. Quora

quora is one of the niche social networks

Quora is the premiere place to get a question answered or answer questions yourself. If you want to make your blog look like the place to get answers, you can become an authority on this network by answering questions in your industry.

2. Dogster/Catster

If your niche involves anything with pets, dogs, cats, or animal lovers in general, then these two social networks are right up your alley. Here you’ll find plenty of pet lovers to connect with and huge opportunities for your marketing.

3. CafeMom

meeting place for moms cafemom

Mommy bloggers are a huge niche as more and more parents start making websites and sharing their experiences. This entire network is dedicated to connecting these types of bloggers and mothers in general.

If your audience includes these types of bloggers or mums in general, the opportunities to connect with them here are unlimited.

4. Goodreads

Goodreads connects both authors and readers in one place. It’s an awesome network for marketers who work in the publishing industry or those who are looking for aspiring authors to help them grow and succeed.

5. Dribble

Dribble is a network for designers to show off their work and get advice from other people in their profession. Marketers working with web design or graphic design have their entire audience waiting for them on this platform.

6. Flixster

This is a huge movie network for film buffs who want to leave reviews and connect with other movie fans. Marketers who do anything involving film or movies can use this platform to connect with movie fans of all kinds.

7. Meetup

meetup is a growing network and can be considered a niche social networks

Meetup is a network that connects like-minded people in real life. You can find listings for events in your area and join up with people who are all interested in the same activity. Whether it’s training for a marathon, going on a hike, or getting sushi, it’s all here.

8. Gentlemint

While Pinterest is primarily populated with women, Gentlemint offers a similar platform for men. As the site puts it: “discover and discuss the manliest content on the web.”

9. Madwhips

Car lovers can find their slice of paradise on this network. Endless photos of awesome sports and muscle cars abound!

10. Curbly

curbly is niche but a social network

Curbly is a network for those who love DIY. If you want to improve your home or apartment, but you want to create from scratch, this is the place to be. Marketers who specialize in DIY will find their audience here.

11. ThirdAge

This is a network designed for senior women who want to connect and learn more about staying healthy as they reach the golden years of their lives. For those who focus on older audiences and healthy, look no further.

12. Athlinks

Here we have a network for athletes who want to discover new events, meet with fellow athletes, or simply compare their scores.

13. All Recipes

A place to find new recipes or shares one’s you’ve created. Marketers involved with any level of cooking should look into this one.

14. Aniboom

This is a network for animators to connect. Marketers can tap into this for talent, or advertise new and exciting animation software.

15. LawLink

Finally, lawyers have somewhere to meet and discuss besides the courtroom! This network is composed of attorneys and those studying law.

16. Barista Exchange

Whether you’re a coffee lover, or you work in the industry, this is the place to talk about all things coffee. Marketers, take note because anything involving that beautiful drink is going to work well here.

17. Raptr


Competitive gamers gather here to share their latest moments of glory. Marketers involved in the electronics or gaming scene can find their audience here.

18. Ozmosis

Ozmosis is the best place for doctors to go and connect with others in their fields. Marketers in the medical industry will want to keep their eye on this one.

19. BikerOrNot 

This is the ultimate social media network for biker and motorcycle enthusiasts. Here you’ll find plenty of people for marketers who have a connection with this crowd.

20. American Preppers Network

Preppers are an interesting niche, but you can deny the value of the skills they teach themselves. Marketers who work with outdoorsy niches or survival techniques should check this network out.

21. Ravelry

ravelry is cool

This network is filled with people who knit and crochet. Fashion marketers who represent brands that utilize these things could find a huge audience here.

 22. Untappd

This network is for finding new types of beer, breweries, or bars. As a social network for drinkers, this audience loves to hear about new types of drinks to try.

23. Care2

This network is for people who want change and will work together to achieve it. Between animal cruelty, government legislation, and other types of injustice, there’s a lot to talk about on this platform, and a lot of ways marketers can help by joining the causes.

24. Stachepassions

If you have a moustache or you’d like to be with someone who does, this social networking and dating site focuses on facial hair. Marketers who work with personal grooming or “manscaping” have a massive audience here.

25. WAYN

This site’s title stands for “Where Are You Now?” and it’s a network for travelers with a terminal case of wanderlust.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is an important part of any business, but try to look deeper than just Facebook or Twitter. Instead, focus on some of the niche networks where you’ll find your audience easier and reach more of them than ever before.

Which niche networks would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Guest Post by Sharon Jefferson. Sharron is a digital marketing specialist who specializes in social media, and more importantly, the things most people don’t know about it.

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