Things to Remember When Moving out for the First Time

moving out

moving out

When moving out from home for the first time it might seem an impossible task to choose what to pack and what to leave behind. Your room in halls on campus or in a shared house most certainly is not going to fit everything you own, and do you really want your new friends to see your pink teddy bear that still keeps your pillow warm when you are not in the bed? Here are some helpful tips on what to bring and how to pack when you are moving to live on your own for the very first time.

Pack Light

If you are not moving to the other side of the world, pack light. You are unlikely to miss much of what you end up leaving behind, but if you do, you can always pick things up at Christmas or other holidays. Bring the clothes you wear the most, not the ones you wish you would wear. A good tip is to pack for the seasons if you’re really short for space – you can always return for your summer dresses, rather than having them take up room over the winter months. The most effective way to pack clothes is to roll them up and put them into large black bin bags. This will save room in the car when transporting them and you will not have too many cardboard boxes to get rid of, once you have arrived and unpacked. Rooms in halls normally do not have a large amount of storage, so bringing too much will only leave you in a mess once you are there.

Ask for Help

On moving day, ask someone to help you. You may find friends of family to help, but if you’re out of options, try a removals company. These companies might cost a bit extra, but if you are bringing your own bed or other furniture, it is well worth it, and you won’t need to struggle with heavy furniture and boxes up the never-ending stairs. There are also websites where you can put up an ad asking anyone going in the same direction to take some of your things. Family and friends are often more than willing to help out if it is the first time you are leaving home. Be specific with what you need so that you have enough space to pack what you want as well as time to get to meet your new housemates or other people living in the same halls as you on the first day.

Take Some Personal Things

When you arrive at your new accommodation, it will most likely look very generic and quite frankly, a little boring.  That’s why it is a good idea to bring something with you that will make the space represent your personality or make you feel more at home. This can be posters to hang on the walls or framed photos of your family or friends. Keeping your room organised is important so knick-knacks might not be a top priority, but you are likely to be spending some time in this room over the next few years, so make it your own and make it a place you enjoy spending time in.

ABOUT AUTHOR:  Ingunn writes on behalf of Abels , a company offering removals in Norwich.

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